Top 5 Best AAA Flashlights (2020 Reviews & Buying Guide)

If you are thinking of acquiring an easy to carry and fairly priced flashlight for everyday use, think about AAA flashlights. There are various flashlights in the market that are categorized differently depending on the battery they use and their application. But AAA flashlights have been in the market in a while and many people like them. They are easily available and very portable. Regardless of their size, these flashlights are very bright and can exceptionally aid you in your hour of need.

Whatever purpose you want to carry out using a flashlight, the AAA flashlight can excellently execute your task. This is because they come packed with features that are found in larger flashlights though on a bit lower scale. Our review will accurately guide you on how to pick the best AAA flashlight in the market for the money and great performance.

List of 5 best AAA Flashlights in the Market 2020

1Fenix LD02 V2.0 High CRI AAA EDC White Penlight

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The Fenix LD02 is one of the best AAA powered flashlight. The tactical keychain flashlight is lightweight and can be easily carried anywhere you go to. It has 100 lumens and CREE XP-E2 LED chip which provide you with very bright light. The flashlight is constructed with a highly durable aircraft grade aluminum material which is both scratch and water resistant. This material also ensures that the flashlight is able to defy hard situations. As well, it has a tail cap switch and uses AAA battery. With a lifetime of more than 50, 000 hours expect this flashlight to serve you for a long time.

Key Features:

  • Pocket clip
  • 100 lumens
  • CREE XP-E2 LED technology
  • Tail cap switch
  • Grade aluminum body


  • It’s really durable
  • Provides great brightness
  • Lightweight thus easily portable

2Maglite Solitaire LED 1-Cell AAA Flashlight Black

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Maglite Solitaire flashlight is compactly made for great performance. This amazing flashlight is of a superior quality with weather resistant seals and anodized both inside and outside for greater corrosion resistance. Other outstanding features of this flashlight include an adjustable and very powerful light beam to light your most preferred spot. This quality flashlight as well comes with an alkaline battery with keychain lanyard and a spare lamp securely inside the tailcap. So, whether you’re a hunter, fisherman, hiker or an outdoorsman, this flashlight can play a vital role in your activities.

Key Features:

  • LED Bulb
  • Keychain
  • Aluminum body
  • Anodized finish
  • tailcap


  • It’s super bright
  • Its durable with the strong aluminum build
  • Lightweight and very portable

3Perman Mini 1000 Lumens CREE XPE-R3 LED Flashlight

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The durably constructed Mini perman flashlight comes with 1000 lumens which provide you with enough light. As well, they have CREE XPE-R3 LED technology which is energy efficient. The body of this flashlight is perfectly constructed with aircraft grade aluminum that makes it to be both water and scratch resistant. It is small in size to excellently fit in your pocket and carry with you.

This flashlight is as well very bright with a blinding effect which can be used during defense from an assailant. For better storage, this flashlight comes with a pocket clip to attach to your pocket or backpack as you travel to perform your tasks. Last but not least, its water and abrasion resistant. At just a small price, this flashlight can be of great help to you in darkness and in an emergency.

Key Features:

  • 100 lumen
  • CREE XPE-R3 LED chip
  • Aircraft grade aluminum body
  • Pocket clip


  • It’s very durable
  • Has a blinding effect to use for defense
  • Fairly priced

4Olight S1 MINI Ultra Compact LED Flashlight

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The Olight mini flashlight is greatly designed to offer great performance to the user. It comes with great features that make it a powerful AAA flashlight. This flashlight is built with aluminum alloy which is a very strong material that is both scratch and water resistant. It is very bright and has a maximum of 600 lumens. Furthermore, it has LUXEON TX LED chip for better light output and energy efficiency. Also, it has an intense beam distance of 44 meters and a lifespan of around 60, 000 hours. Other crucial features that it comprises are; a keychain for sticking to your backpack or keys and 5 year warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Key Features:

  • LUXEON TX LED technology
  • 120 lumens
  • Aluminum alloy body
  • A lovely tiny Keychain key ring


  • Extremely durable with the aluminum body
  • Has 5 year warranty
  • Greatly designed for better performance

5Grey Color Bronte LED Mini Keychain Flashlight

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If you are searching for a small flashlight to travel with, the Grey color Bronte flashlight is the best to buy. It comprises both a keychain and clip which makes it easy for you to attach it to your bag, belt or pocket. With a maximum of 150 lumens, expect this flashlight to powerfully light your path.

In addition, it has CREE XP-G2 LED technology that is energy efficient and as well improves overall brightness of the flashlight. This flashlight is of a considerable weight and size which makes it ideal for carry. Other awesome features include; 4 operating modes to change the brightness to your likeness and have a waterproof design for better functionality.

Key Features:

  • 150 lumens
  • Small keychain
  • Pocket clip
  • CREE XP-G2 LED chip
  • 4 operating modes


  • Extremely powerful and very bright
  • Great weight to easily carry from place to place
  • Has a keychain and clip for better storage

Why you Should Buy AAA Flashlight?

  • They are easily available
  • They are compact and lightweight which makes them easy to carry or travel with
  • They are very bright

What to Look at When Buying an AAA Flashlight


A good flashlight should be compact enough to fit in your pocket or on your keychain. It should also be very light so that you can freely walk with it without feeling any heaviness. As well, a small and compact flashlight is ideal for traveling with.

Run Time

Look for a flashlight with a long run time. The greater the number of lumen the shorter the run time. This is because great brightness consumes a lot of power when considered to a lower one.


A great flashlight should be well built to last long and survive tricky conditions. Aircraft grade aluminum is the best material to use. If possible, avoid flashlights made from plastics.


The best AAA flashlights are pricey and come with excellent features. Small everyday carry flashlights like the AAA flashlights are available at fair prices. Work within your budget to get an outstanding AAA flashlight.


In the past, flashlights had fewer power options. Currently, there are different forms of powering flashlights. These include; AAA batteries, AA batteries, Lithium ion batteries, NiMH batteries and CR123A batteries, among other kinds. When it comes to portable and small flashlights, AA and AAA powered batteries are the commonly used.

So, if you want the best small flashlight, consider one that uses AAA batteries. They are durable, cheap, easily available and can be carried easily everywhere you go. Most of them are very bright and you just need to make the right choice to fully utilize them.

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