Top 10 Best Cigar Cutters (2020 Reviews & Guide)

Attorneys, construction employees, creatives, aristocrats–by the pauper into the crown, nobody is exempt in the allure of a fantastic cigar. One thing no cigar enthusiast should do without–if you are a weekend smoker or a flat-out aficionado–is still a great cutter. Cigar fans are aware of the significance of utilizing high-quality instruments to conserve, treat, and organize your collection. Indeed, among the most crucial things in anybody’s cigar apparel is a fantastic cigar cutter.

Cigar cutters are extremely valuable to your cigar-smoking experience. An even cut enables proper airflow for the smoke to journey throughout the cigar. Improper cutting, though, is going to lead to an irregular drag and also the reduction of smokable tobacco. There are a couple of distinct sorts of cigar cutters, however undoubtedly, the most popular and well understood is that a guillotine cutter. Guillotine cutters have a round hole in the center and two blades on each end. Two-finger slots on each end are utilized to push the edges together for a speedy and cut. Additionally, there are V-cutters, which require more practice to learn but can potentially create even increased flow when used correctly.

But choosing the best one for your regular carry can be rough since there are lots of facts to consider. This buyer’s guide will discuss a few of the highest cigar cutters that money can purchase, highlighting their essential characteristics and attributes. Because of this, you’ll have an easier time picking the ideal cigar cutter for you.

Here is our list of the 10 Best Cigar Cutters For Each Smoker:

Top of 10 Best Cigar Cutters Review

1Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter – Black

Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter - Black

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With a V-shaped blade which cuts from broad to narrow. This is remarkable on account of the simple fact that the majority of cutters’ blades expand since they cut. This timeless method of cutting edge cigars allows fans to enjoy their preferred brands in fresh and intriguing ways. Moreover, the V-shaped blade prevents harm to the cigar since it doesn’t have the stage, which frequently crushes its cap. Additionally, the blade itself is outstandingly sharp and active, leading to precise cutting each time that this item is used.

Along with all these fantastic features, the Colibri V-Cut is comfortable to use. Besides the advantages of its strong construction, the Colibri V-Cut includes a couple of extras which make it more precious.

2XIKAR MTX 9324BK Cigar Scissors,Black

XIKAR MTX 9324BK Cigar Scissors,Black

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  • Besides using a double blade scissor installation, it gives, such as a bleed tool for butane torches, a screw driver, plus a beer bottle opener.
  • The blades are excellent, and the gears are useful, and also {} folds up in a package.
  • Overall we dig on it

3JIFENG Cigar Cutter

JIFENG Cigar Cutter

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Hey there is nothing wrong with going to get a sleek cutting Xikar, irrespective of the colour, but a few people prefer to stand out using all our cigar cutters. Includes really friendly life guarantee — they’ll ship a replacement on a whim

4ALASKA BEAR® – Cigar Cutter Stainless Steel Guillotine Double Cut Blade in Black Gift Pouch

ALASKA BEAR® - Cigar Cutter Stainless Steel Guillotine Double Cut Blade in Black Gift Pouch

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  • Each alternative is made from durable metal.
  • The pit is big enough to match any cigar around 60 gauge.
  • The cutter includes a drawstring pouch, too.

5Xikar Xi2 Cigar Cutter

Xikar Xi2 Cigar Cutter

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Essentially speaking, this evaluation means the blades are as sharp and tough as they come, leading to incredible precision and efficiency once the time comes to cut out a brand-new cigar.

Expanding on its cutting edge skills, it ought to be noted that, like most Xikar’s Xi versions, the Xi2 will cut on a 54-gauge cigar straight in half. Furthermore, it may cut off the cap from a 58-gauge cigar with no difficulties.

Despite being just three inches in size, is capable of generating enough electricity to cut a massive cigar in half as though it had been made from butter.

Mostly, this is a result of the spring-loaded double guillotine activity, a characteristic which, together with the device’s ergonomic shape, permits you to make a whole lot of pressure .

6NEW Cuban Crafters 3 Blade Stainless Steel & Black Cigar Scissor Cutter

NEW Cuban Crafters 3 Blade Stainless Steel & Black Cigar Scissor Cutter

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The ultra sharp blades create a great, even cut, and so are large enough handle any diameter roster.

It is enormous and very cumbersome, but should you care about the expression of your cutter and much more about the level of your cut, this one is right up your street.

In the minimum, you will be the talk of your smoking bar.

7Xikar XO Double Guillotine Cutter, Dual Stainless Steel Blades, 64 Ring Gauge

Xikar XO Double Guillotine Cutter, Dual Stainless Steel Blades, 64 Ring Gauge

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Its bold design isn’t merely ergonomic but also effective enough to make a lot of cutting edge power.

Its uniquely-shaped layout can cut through the thickets cigars in the marketplace. Despite this capability, the unit is quite compact and easy to take care of.

The blades have been discharged from the device’s round body working with a spring-loaded release button, which makes the action of clipping cigars incredibly gratifying and simple.

8Victorinox Swiss Army Cigar Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Cigar Knife

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Cigar punches require a bit getting used to, but as soon as you get the hang of cutting on a perfect roster, they might wind up becoming your favourite kind of cutter.

9Xikar Twist Punch, Cigar Punch

Xikar Twist Punch, Cigar Punch

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If you’re the marketplace for a superior punch cutter — afterward Xikar also creates a great one of those…

Since you might guess, lifetime guarantee is a Massive pro with Xikar

Hefty duty and sharp blade assists with bigger gauges; to get a smaller estimate cigar (anything less than 60) we urge the 7mm Edition

The keychain makes this one tough to shed and easy to continue the move

This cutter has two”thickness” settings, Letting You find your taste

10Scorch Torch Olympus Triple Jet Flame Butane Torch Cigarette Cigar Lighter w/Punch Cutter Tool

Scorch Torch Olympus Triple Jet Flame Butane Torch Cigarette Cigar Lighter w/Punch Cutter Tool

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It is refillable, includes adjustable flame control, and also the cutter works tremendously well.

Buying Guides for Best Cigar Cutters

A luxury cigar isn’t a small investment in the two capital and pleasure, so it is a pity when a lousy cigar cutter destroys the one you are looking ahead to. A cigar cutter can harm your cigar, and so, your smoking experience.

Determining Your Needs

Here we talk about the various cutting styles and works so you may decide that cigar cutters should be added to an own collection. Keep Reading to Discover More.

Guillotine Cutter

If you think about a standard cigar cutter, a Guillotine cutter is probably what springs to mind. Having one blade, the guillotine eliminates the whole circumference of this cigar suggestion — also referred to as the cap – permitting a fantastic quantity of smoke to pass through.

Guillotine colors are generally the most frequent cutters since they include the least expensive layout of cutters available, the humble single-blade guillotine. Even though it’s possible to locate some high-end single-bladed cutters, then they still have a mostly low to mid-afternoon price.

The guillotine design also contains the dual bladed kind, where there are three primary styles: one which includes a moving blade plus a blade that is fixed, one contains two vibrating edges with the thumb and forefinger, and one contains two spring-loaded blades. A few of the prevalent spring-loaded dual blade kinds match in the palm of their hand and also have a locking feature for when the cutter isn’t in use, which makes for extra security and effortless carrying. The dual blade guillotine is a far more effective filler compared to just one blade, as it uses two blades cutting out of other sides, rather than the single module, which reduces against a secure foundation and poses a higher chance of beating the cigar.

The guillotine design takes a speedy and exact motion, which takes just a little experience to ideal, but it is your preferred way of cutting for many cigar smokers.

Guillotine cutters are tight from the circumference of cigars they can cut, so if you would rather the more significant 60 to 70 ring gauge cigars, then make sure the cutter will adapt that size.

V-Shape Cutter

It’s intended to take only the correct quantity of tobacco out of the cap to get a perfect draw. Due to the way it’s created, the V-shape filler cuts more intensely. It exposes up to or even more, tobacco compared to conventional guillotine cut, and maybe employed on an assortment of cigar shapes. But, it is essential to consider that this cutter an investment. If you’re likely to get a v-shape cutter, then elect for a more pricey one as the more affordable versions are inclined to go dull rather quickly and are almost impossible for a regular person to re-sharpen.

Punch Cutter

On the contrary, it eliminates a little circle of this cigar cap broad enough to draw smoke through. The punch utilizes a simple push and twist movement to decrease through the lid.

This kind of cutter is excellent for smaller or thinner cigars. Still, some smokers prefer to utilize it for the broader gordo kind cigars which are very popular, since it delivers a more limited draw rather than the excessively visionary draw a guillotine may create. If a more receptive draw is wanted, it is a straightforward matter of hitting more of this cap.

A lot of these cutters come in a bullet-shaped layout that’s appealing to a lot of smokers, though others resemble big medicinal caplets fit. Some also include static or spring-loaded sticks to push the tobacco plug in the cutter.

The punch has the same disadvantage as the v-cutter in it is hard to re-sharpen.

Cigar Scissors

Cigar scissors are a school approach. Among cigar aficionados, you find this variant Having an elegant and classy look. These cutters frequently arrive with leather instances or alternative travel accessories, which increase its allure, but what severe smokers enjoy about it’s a fantastic set of cigar scissors may cut much finer increments and increments which any other procedure, allowing for a customized cut to match their tastes. Newer variations can fold into compactness, which can fit into the pocket of one and enables simple transport, and a few have. A pair having blade clearance and sharpness is crucial.


There is an old-world allure to cigars. However, the accouterments that go into appreciating cigars play inside that charm. You will find humidors which can be. Some lighters are technical. Every one these accessories make for an adventure that is intended to be taken and valued, rather than rushed for convenience’s sake.

Going the advantages of utilizing them over, it’s easy to see why the ten products are by critics and java fans alike. Every one of these has features and features which make it stand out among the bulk of apparatus available on the market. You’ll be more prepared to decide on the cigar cutter by learning about these attributes. After all, After the day, only you can decide which is most appropriate for your preference and your lifestyle.

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