Top 10 Best Cookie Cutters (2020 Reviews & Guide)

If any event draws close, you begin wondering what you can bring about the celebration or what present for somebody, and it can become very stressful. We do not need you to be worried in any way, particularly near holidays or birthdays. Thus, instead of fretting about what to bring to your celebration, get yourself a pair of cookie cutters, and all of your problems will be solved!

Cookie cutters may result in all sorts of fond memories of baking biscuits if you’re a kid. Using cookie cutters to produce seasonal biscuits is enjoyable for all ages and something which little ones can assist with. With several designs and shapes to select from, surfing the world of cookie cutters could be unpleasant. While gingerbread men and snowflake biscuits will always have a particular spot within our hearts, it is safe to say they aren’t the most innovative dessert choices. If you are trying to take your holiday baking into another level, consider investing in a few more distinctive cookie cutters.

If you’re especially searching for round cookie cutters, then we’ve got another review for all those too, which you may check out!

List of 10 Best Cookie Cutters

1K&S Artisan Heavy Duty Biscuit Cutter

K&S Artisan Heavy Duty Biscuit Cutter

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  • The thin blades will cut through almost any sticky dough or perhaps playdoh effortlessly.
  • Fully welded seams prevent any undesirable cuts along with the cutters are dishwasher-safe so that you do not have to wash up afterward!
  • What is also particular about these cutters is that they are oven safe up to 500˚F. As soon as you’ve finished baking, then all of the cutters fit within each other neatly for storage.

2Wilton Cookie Cutters Set, 101-Piece

Wilton Cookie Cutters Set, 101-Piece

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  • They feature a 1/3″ relaxation border and a profound blade for single use. These cutters may be used for cutting all types of foods, such as snacks, sandwiches, and much more. They’re a good deal of pleasure for crafting too.
  • There’s also a whole alphabet set of pops that allows you to bake”title” biscuits. Insert in sport, animals, flowers, and amounts, and you also experience a range of cookie cutters that will please everybody.
  • These fun, brilliant colors cookie cutters are simple to clean and can be washed at the top area of the countertops.

3Hibery 2 Pack Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter

Hibery 2 Pack Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter

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  • We have decided to include the Hibery Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutters due to their unconventional design. It is not every day you get to let your children they could make cookies, which seems like Mickey Mouse.
  • Hilary chose to go for a milder stainless-steel substance for durability, consistently high when it comes to children, and there is also a red security strip around the top to avoid any mishaps.
  • The 4 x 4-inch cutters may be used for an assortment of functions including snacks and sandwiches.

4Norpro Rosette/Timbale, 7 Piece Set

Norpro Rosette/Timbale, 7 Piece Set

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  • Each cutter is made of tin plated, heavy duty steel that’s ideal for using as cutting biscuits, a mould fruits, cheeses, sandwiches, breads and more.
  • These cutters are not safe and should be hand washed and dried.
  • All these Ann Clark cookie cutters are made in Vermont, and feature star, a snowflake, snow-covered tree, angel, and a man.
  • It’s the best holiday cookie cutter set with every cutter measuring over 3″ square.

5Internet’s Best Heart Cookie Cutter

Internet’s Best Heart Cookie Cutter

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  • So they are very friendly, they are made from vinyl.
  • In this set, you will get five heart-shaped cutters, all of the sizes so that {} fit inside each other for storage.
  • These cutters may be used for cheese, fruit, cookie dough, sandwiches, playdoh, and much more.
  • As they’re 100% dishwasher 23, Children are going to love these cutters because of their vivid colors, and parents will love them!
  • The Finest of internet believes in providing consumers with a {} of options, which explains the reason they do make cookie cutters.
  • They have flowers circles, stars, Christmas themed, alphabet letters, numbers and much more!

6Ateco 7025 Plain Edge Animal Cutters

Ateco 7025 Plain Edge Animal Cutters

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  • Ateco’s monster cookie cutter collection is fantastic for people who love baking biscuits with distinctive and pleasurable contours.
  • You will find ten distinct creature shaped cookie cutters on this particular set.
  • These professional-grade cutters will persist for quite a while, so annually you can create your beloved animal-shaped cookies.
  • The creature cookie cutters are packed in a tin which makes them convenient to keep in a drawer or on a shelf.

7Ann Clark Cookie Cutters Truck/Vehicle with Christmas Tree, 5″

Ann Clark Cookie Cutters Truck/Vehicle with Christmas Tree, 5

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  • Adore the vibe of classic automobiles with trees attached at the top or propped at the bed of a pickup truck?
  • These cookie cutters (here is a slightly different fashion ) bring it directly to a dessert plate–without a doubt lead to social websites before anybody’s allowed to have a bite.
  • Considering these pops with all the right decorating occupations, see the way to ice cookies like an expert.

8StarPack Christmas Cookie Cutters Set (18 Piece)

StarPack Christmas Cookie Cutters Set (18 Piece)

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Wilton’s collection is similar but includes a gift, decoration, wreath, Santa, and sleigh in the event you’re missing these contours.

9JOKUMO 11 Piece Round Linzer Cookie Cutter Set

JOKUMO 11 Piece Round Linzer Cookie Cutter Set

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  • A step up from easy sugar biscuits, Linzer cookies sandwich shake involving yummy rounds of bread, as well as the shirts incorporate little cut-out contours in the center to give you a window to the filling (plus a tiny jolt of holiday pleasure ).
  • Quality created with exact detail and didn’t rust.
  • Polypropylene plunger are closely design to pushes cut dough out Form

10OXO 1257580 Good Grips Cookie Press

OXO 1257580 Good Grips Cookie Press

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  • Another alternative that is not a cutter, but is ideal for men and women that despise rolling dough out: a spritz cookie media.
  • Also referred to as a cookie-cutter gun, this is much like the Playdough place you likely utilized to play.
  • It takes just a little exercise, but if you can not dispute a rolling pin, this could be your new favorite baking instrument.

Buying Guides for Best Cookie Cutters

Whichever form is preferred for cookies, we are here to help you choose the perfect cookie cutter for you.


Purchasing a new cookie cutter won’t break the bank, but there’s, clearly, some inexpensive cookie cutters and a few high-end ones. The cost assortment of a fantastic cookie cutter involves approximately up to $ 8 to roughly $20. The cost varies based on numerous things, such as the substance used, for instance. It could be created from more robust steel that’s much more likely to survive more than vinyl counterparts. Another subject which you might wish to consider is the assortment of shapes supplied. Are you seeking the timeless celebrity, heart, flower, and circle all of us know and love, or are you hoping to find something a little niche for possibly a fancy dress party or special event?

Steel — cookie cutter cutters can be produced from aluminum, stainless steel, tin, or aluminum. Some have handles that make using them considerably more comfortable, especially if you’re cutting out big batches of biscuits. Handles do make keeping the cutters a bit more challenging.


Believe it or not, cookie cutters have adapted through the years with all the growth in tech. Who’d have believed there was a time in which dishwashers did not exist and what needed to be cleaned by hand? With the debut of technology such as this means our traditional tin and steel cutters might not be acceptable for dishwashers, but we’ve got an option for you! Plastic cutters usually are dishwasher friendly that is helpful for people who prefer baking although not always the cleanup up (I believe that applies to lots people ). This is particularly important since many different quirky shapes can be found in the marketplace with more nooks and crannies to tidy up. Nevertheless, when it comes down to this, among the most crucial elements of this cookie-cutter, irrespective of the contour, is making sure a high clean cut so that you may make your same gingerbread army prepared to march into starving bellies.

Construction and Design

When considering the structure and layout of the cutter, it is well worth considering who’ll be baking. When it’s for adults, then the tin or steel cutters are far more dependable and durable. Thus, if you are considering being the following cookie edition of Buddy Valastro (Cake Boss), then you might choose to go for those, and you can anticipate neat and exact contours. But, these are inclined to be somewhat sharper and not acceptable for young kids; however, plastic cutters are an excellent option for all of the family.

If it’s very likely that you will bake with kids, a few cutters are BPA free, and FDA accepted, reassuring you if that’s something which concerns you. When it boils to the construction, nothing is worse than cutting to cookie dough, anticipating an excellent clean cut, just for it to have stuck into the cutter and destroy its shape. It may make a batch of cookie baking frustrating than it has to be. Fortunately, there is an option for this; a few cutters are intended to possess non-stick qualities to decrease the danger of your dough becoming stuck.

Cookie Cutter Shapes

Even if you can not locate a specific contour, you will find crafters available that will likely earn a cookie cutter in the form you’re searching for. We have listed a few of the trendy cookie cutter shapes as well as the seasons which are ordinarily celebrated by creating specialty biscuits. Making biscuits is an activity that’s enjoyed by adults and children alike; therefore, having many unique kinds of cookie cutters means you could enjoy this fun action far more than just at Christmas.

Performance and Ease of Use

It is a straightforward procedure; simply line your doughy goodness (or playdough in certain instances ) and push down the cutter to the dough to produce the desired shape. You will know whether your cutter is excellent because the evidence will be in the pudding. That is a fantastic sign as to if your cutter has done to what’s anticipated.

Additionally, cleaning your cookie-cutter could not get much more straightforward in case you decide to opt for your plastic alternative since they’re generally dishwasher safe. However, if you do choose for the more custom fashion of tin and steel, then it will probably take you back into the more conventional manners, which is fine as it may provide you with a little bit of nostalgia of time you cooked along with your grandparents or parents when you’re small, and dishwashers did not exist.


Folks are using cookie cutters to get centuries. They’re still just as hot today as they were. Using cookie cutters allows you to bake biscuits in a vast selection of shapes, which may be adorned and given as gifts at the holidays or may be utilized to observe picnics, birthdays, and other special events.

Selecting the most appropriate stuff for the cookie cutters and using a big collection of contours may make using them much more pleasurable.

Not just are you going to have shaped cookies each moment; you’ll have amazing foods to function at your parties, parties, and holiday occasions, which can make people feel grin.

The ten best cookie-cutter collections that we’ve featured above are exceptional sets that are made from durable materials that can last when cared for correctly. All products are selected and analyzed individually by our editorial staff.

These alternatives and some other cookie cutters you’re considering will be a lot simpler to study and type through so that you opt for a pair that will be ideal for your baking needs.

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