Top 8 Best Glass Cutters (2020 Reviews & Buying Guide)

There are many great”all-round” glass cutters, but if you would like to make sure a fantastic cut, then you might require a technical one. That you wish to guarantee a fantastic cut that will not chip the glass cause some cracks. It also needs to be dependable and hardy, able to withstand many applications without dulling the blade.  Glass cutting edge job could be rough considering the quantity of time spent. Because of this, as a glazier, DIY enthusiast or enthusiast you want this critical bit of kit which will make it simple and not an excess burden. And also to cater to the rising demand, producers have a lot of alternatives to supply. A glass cutter needs to be lasting, user-friendly and efficient. Another requirement is your fantastic grip which lets you work without becoming tired. The ergonomic design allows you to operate for hours with no hand fatigue.  But regrettably, not all will suit your requirements guarantee you of their ideal experience or performance. So walk you through the very best, so you have a better prospect of selecting the most incredible capabilities.

We’ve opted to assist you to opt for the ideal glass cutting edge tool for everyday usage. Let’s isolate the 8 finest glass cutters you can easily buy from the Marketplace

List of Best Glass Cutters (2020 Reviews)

1Bottle Cutter and Glass Cutter Bundle

Bottle Cutter & Glass Cutter Bundle - DIY Machine for Cutting Wine, Beer, Liquor, Whiskey, Alcohol, Champagne, Water or Soda Round Bottles & Mason...Check Price on Amazon

This package makes it effortless for you to finish all of your bottle cutting demands.  This really is actually the ideal bottle cutter tool it is possible to purchase, and as a bonus, it includes all those extras. The jar cutter stabilizes the jar or bottle to allow you to cut it exactly and with the blade. This makes it not just the finest, steadier cut, but also means it is safe for you as well as your kids or grandchildren to utilize it together with you. It’ll keep the glass from landfills, cutting back on your carbon footprint left behind you, in addition, to create good crafting projects. It includes not just a glass cutter but many fittings for cutting glass bottles and jars. The jar cutter can be adjusted to match jars and bottles around 19.5 inches in length. If you are unhappy with it, you can get a complete refund from the business, which is quite responsive. It provides safety features, which means that you may also show your kids how to cut glass with you.



Check Price on Amazon

This glass cutter includes everything you’d expect in a high-quality cutter, but for under half the purchase price.  The device cuts correctly and with minimal exertion; along with also the holding is as comfy as it might be. Made from stainless steel means that this glass filler is much more than man enough to your task using a steel cutting wheel that’s excellent at the glass. The end is distinguished by exquisite green and golden color which makes the product more attractive. It is a basic device that’s crazy cheap, but also amazingly reliable and workable.

3Professional Grade Glass Cutter Tool (Heavy Duty – 6 Way Cutting Wheel)

Professional Grade Glass Cutter Tool (Heavy Duty - 6 Way Cutting Wheel) - Perfect for Cutting & Scoring Glass Bottles, Mirrors, Window Panes, Shelves,...

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This cheap and user-friendly glass cutter is made from lasting and heavy-duty materials. Equipped with 6 effective cutting wheels, this simple instrument includes a comfortable wooden handle that imparts great traction. Its ergonomic and user-convenient layout offers you a pleasant working encounter for longer durations. Not only do you get smooth and clean borders but also the true structures of this glass. This hardy and super powerful unit is most suitable for both the single and double steel.  Another incentive is your 100% money-back guarantee in the event of any flaw. Considering all the advantages and disadvantages, this effective glass cutting tool delivers the best bang for the dollar.

4Toyo Pistol Grip Glass Cutter (1) (Original Version)

Toyo Pistol Grip Glass Cutter (1) (Original Version)

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The”pistol grip” is a conventional hand design for glass cutters since it lets you use pressure evenly and fix it as necessary. Though some people today prefer the”pen-like” glass cutters, like the ones examined previously others such as the traditional pistol grip. This one gets the very best glass cutter testimonials of pistol grip glass cutters. Supercutters by Toyo are marketed as a way to”outlast around 25 times so long as some other cutters,” and while nobody has formally counted they do last a longer period than the cheap ones which you may pick up on the regional shop. The same as the last inspection, too on a Toyo merchandise, this glass cutter has replacement heads out there. It is just another of the ideal glass cutters for professionals, particularly those making artwork with their glass or performing general home repair solutions.

It is simple to buy replacement oil and heads on Amazon.

It’ll last you a very long time, as it is backed by the organization’s”outlasts additional cutters by around 25 times.

It provides you consistent oil through an automated petroleum dispensing system saved in the deal, in addition to includes a tool for refilling oil.

It permits you to score the glass effortlessly.

5IMT Pistol Grip Oil Feed Glass Cutter Tungsten Carbide

IMT Pistol Grip Oil Feed Glass Cutter Tungsten Carbide, Professional Stained Glass Cutting Tool with 2 Replaceable Head and Oil Reservoir- 2mm-12mm

Check Price on Amazon

If accuracy is not anything to go by, then the IMT pistol grip glass cutter should be at the top of your listing. As an enthusiast or a specialist in the business of glass cutting-edge, you’d never understand how simple glass cutting could be till you find this cozy piece.  The user-friendly characteristics which make glass cutting simple contain a pistol grip layout which makes the entire task less tiresome. And it gets even better since the oil is in there so you will easily and just cut and score glass.  So If You’re Searching for a Perfect home enhancement product in a glass cutter, then this should be a frontier for you The collection includes two heads of marginally different homes.

6Red Devil 106370 DIY Glass Cutter

Red Devil 106370 DIY Glass Cutter

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This reasonably priced glass cutter is well worth spending your hard-won cash on. It gives accurate wheel protrusion that works great in regards to leave around or straight cuts. It’s equipped with a heavy-duty steel wheel that lasts years of use without becoming ruined. If you’re a newcomer in the subject of glass-cutting, this user-convenient tool could be well suited for you.  Well, go with this effective glass cutter with no second thought. This lasting and result-oriented unit will certainly surprise you.

7 VIGRUE 3mm-18mm Glass Cutter Professional Heavy

VIGRUE 3mm-18mm Glass Cutter Professional Heavy Duty Golden Handle Pencil Style Oil Feed Carbide Tip Glass Cutter Cutting Tools for...

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This includes not one, but 2 glass cutters. They are perfect for work around the home, or jobs including mosaics or other crafting are all performed at home with tile and glass. It delivers a lighter weight compared to several other glass cutters because the grip is constructed from aluminum metal versus the thicker metal of additional glass cutters. The cutting head is made from carbide steel, nevertheless. Contrary to our additional glass cutter testimonials so much, this one does not include a replaceable cutting head. Because you’re getting a pair of 2, if one wears out, it’s possible to just replace it with the instant. Additionally, it does not give an automated oil dispensing system.

Even though this isn’t an expert glass cutter, it’s a fantastic alternative for anybody working at home.

This has a bunch of 2 glass cutters, unlike many others, which means that you may easily replace the initial as it dulls out.

It is lightweight compared to other glass cutters due to the aluminum metal handle.

You don’t ever need to be concerned about replacing the cutting head since it is an easy, inexpensive design intended to be pitched after use.

8Heavy Duty Metal Handle Oil Feed Glass Cutter.

Heavy Duty Metal Handle Oil Feed Glass Cutter.


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That is a streamlined, lightweight and durable glass cutting tool that’s must-have gear for professionals. Produced from premium excellent tungsten carbide metal, this instrument is guaranteed to survive years of use. Includes an automated petroleum dispensing system, it can maintain its elbows lubricated without anybody doing this.  It’s a 360-degree rotatable glass cutting head that provides you the desired outcomes in regards to angles and edges of this glass. Its sturdy metal body makes it a lasting and eye gear. Now cutting on the eyeglasses of different sizes isn’t any more an irksome affair, thanks for the feature-loaded and extremely suitable tool. If you would like to get a high-quality glass cutter for daily usage, this is the device that you have to order at the moment.

Buying Guides for Best Glass Cutters

There are a number of things you want to think about prior to buying a glass cutter. If you’re simply seeking to sometimes cut glass if something has to be done around the home, you are not searching for something which costs a whole lot of cash or will defy a good deal of tear and wear.


The dimensions of this glass cutter will determine how easy it is for one to take it on your hand. If you have big hands, a little glass cutter could be more difficult for you to control and hold. When it’s too embarrassing, you could end up with poor cuts. Cutters differ from five to eight inches long, so make sure you select one which meets your hands.

Self oiler

There’s a little tank at the handle of this cutter. Unscrew the cap, then fill it with oil, and you are all set to go. There are particular kinds of glass cutters meant for different tasks. We are going to go right ahead and have a peek at a few of them and think about the advantages of each so that you can choose which will best fit your requirements.

Disposable Glass Cutters

Since they are simple to use. You merely use it before the blade dulls outside and you then throw it in the trash prior to ordering another. You don’t even need to mess about with substituting a cutting head or spend much money on the glass cutter using dyes that are disposable.

Grip types

There are two chief kinds of glass filler grips. A conventional pen grip glass cutter is held just like a pencil or pen between the thumb and forefinger. A pistol grip cutter includes a molded grip in the design of a revolver, which alters control of the glass from the fingers into the hand. Additionally, there are other less-common grip kinds, for example, Toyo’s custom grip along with the Thomas grip. Every one of those grip styles functions nicely; the one that you select depends upon personal taste.


Many self-oiling glass cutters possess hollow brass grips for the petroleum tank, but a few are plastic. Cutters that are not self-oiling normally have steel or aluminum grips coated with rubber for a better grip. Many glass cutters have wooden grips too. Tungsten carbide blades are stronger, but steel blades are somewhat more economical.


Glass cutters can be found in many different colors, from black to green to grey. But every manufacturer frequently just offers one particular color, so the cutter you choose may just be available in 1 color.


Before you are able to eventually get your ideal glass cutter, generally, you need to waste your cash on some poor versions, as it had been in my own situation. To prevent learning from your mistakes, you need to look at getting one of those glass cutters that are reviewed.  You might not be certain that glass filler makes it to the category of their best. This listing of the top 8 finest glass cutting tools can allow you to pick the perfect gear for ordinary use.  These enlisted glass cutters are produced from high-quality substances which improve durability and durability.
These exceptionally effective instruments include the distinctive layout with plenty of specs that let you provide the desired shape to the eyeglasses of various sizes and depth.

Today you ought to be conscious of which of those above-discussed glass cutters meet your needs. Pick the one that you locate the most appropriate in accordance with your requirements.  With no unnecessary delay, purchase one of them right now and appreciate functioning conveniently.

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