Top 10 Best Hot Wire Foam Cutter Reviews in 2020

If you are still attempting to reduce foam with scissors, then there is a better method. If this is the first time using best hot wire foam cutter, then you are going to completely change your foam jobs into your very best efforts, however. Together with the choices on our listing, you will have the correct tool for your job.

Hot cable cutters are more exact than scissors and permit you to split complicated shapes from foam bits without cutting all of the ways through. You can carve out the contour of your camera, for example, or reduce letters to get a poster board. Let us take a look at our best choices for hot cable cutters that will assist you started with the ideal instrument for your requirements.

Top 10 Best Hot Wire Foam Cutter Reviews

1GOCHANGE 3 in 1 Foam Cutter Electric Cutting Machine Pen Tools Kit

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The GOCHANGE 3-in-1 set heats up in under 10 seconds and offers stellar performance. It features a foam cutter instrument using a voltage transformer and adaptor. You can cut around half an hour at a time securely, and also the on-off switch utilizes only one flick of your head. Additionally, a holder assists it warm-up and cool down.

2Genround Styrofoam Cutter 572°F Electric Cutting Machine Hot Wire Foam Cutter

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Genround’s cutting tool comprises two distinct wand sizes to provide you with flexibility in finishing your job. It warms up in about ten minutes, and the next wand permits you to utilize the cutting edge tool for more than the conventional single-wand alternative. It sports a straightforward on/off switch and features a holder to enable the tool to warm up and cool down securely.

3WINONS Hot Knife Foam Cutter

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WINONS’ set comprises two wands and a bowed instrument — everything you want for the first, second, or largest job yet. It heats fast in under 10 minutes and contains a holder instrument for security. Additionally, specially sharpened suggestions offer you exact control over your endeavors.

4Proxxon 37080 Hot Wire Cutter THERMOCUT 115/E

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Used to reduce Styrofoam and thermoplastic materials, both freehand and with stencils. Note: Styrofoam is a reasonably expensive material and when compared with others environmentally acceptable. Ideal for architectural models, prototypes as well as classic railroad, airplane and boat model building.

The holder and cable coil (98 feet, .008″ diameter is comprised ) may be shifted across the arm to enable miter cutting edge. An LED indicates operation and helps prevent burned fingers (the cutting wire heats to the maximum temperature in under 1 minute ).

5Hercules Hot Wire Foam Cutter Table with Foot Control Pedal

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Little detail function is a breeze using all the 8500 Series, which makes it ideal for gaming terrain along with all sorts of foam model construction.

The Hercules 8500 Series delivers a huge array of applications in all from the packaging business, to the construction and mechanical sector; it is ideal for architectural modeling and also places layout for stage performances.

Adjustable temperature up to 390 levels, permits you to compensate for various types and thicknesses of memory and also to control your cutting rate. Additionally, the Hercules 8500 Series would be the only real hot wire cutting edge tables on Amazon that supply a foot controller pedal for hands-on performance.

6HORUSDY 3-in-1 Hot Knife Foam Cutter

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Hotwire cutter includes three Quick-Change-tips (Hot-Wire Hint, Hot Holing Tip, Engraving Tip), allowing you to”plug-and-use” for various daily projects.

Heat up fast, cut the polystyrene foam smoothly, seals the edges clean, and leaves no debris, perfect for foam carving, industrial artwork, advertisement design, art piece production, DIY craft projects at home & school.

7Kohree Upgrade Hot Wire Foam Cutter

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Why select Kohree? Great shape crafting abilities Two separate, distinct length poking hints, help you create amazing, realistic details however little.

Plug-and-use instrument Heats up within minutes. Not need skill or experience, enables beginners to utilize in an intuitive Method

8RoMech Foam Cutter – Pro Electric Hot Knife (200W)

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The RoMech Hot Knife Kit includes all you want to begin, no prior experience is essential. (Always bear in mind that is a tool not a toy)

Shape and trim tough-wired Whether you are matching ceiling tiles or producing art, being in a position to shape tough foam quickly and correctly can completely change your day. The RoMech Styrofoam Thermal Cutter requires no specific training or abilities, and lets you make straight edges or intricate contours with no mess and no hassle.

Since the warmth reacts with all the foam, it blows off without departing the debris and dust ordinary when using a traditional knife. Without dust or polystyrene filings left behind cleaning up is simple. Made for industrial and commercial usage, it is a favorite alternative for hard-wired modelling, DIY, and building.

9Uchida Of America Foam Cutter

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Marvy Uchida-hotwire foam cutter. Heats to 430 degrees: perfect for Cutting crafting felt and foam. Easy to use and portable it includes a detachable cable arm for ease of storage a two-wheeled switch and three substitute wires. Base measures 14X2. 25X7. 5 inches. 10W a/C adapter included. Not intended for industrial use. Warning: keep out of reach of children. Imported.

10Perfect 300-400°C Strong Power 24W Electric Hot Foam Cutter Kit by Guritta

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One thing to consider while searching for a foam cutting tool is what type of tips that the instrument has, since they may make it simpler to cut different shapes or designs into your own foam. If you’re going to be cutting the foam down to a smaller size and aren’t worried about making more elaborate designs, then you can usually eliminate just buying a tool that has a straight edge.

While a straight edge might be all that you need for the present job or job that you’re working on, if you want your instrument to be as adaptable as you can, then search for one which includes additional tips for cutting more complex shapes. These tips will not only make it easier to cut different shapes and designs in your foam but in addition, can be switched out as some may work on a particular sort of foam than another does. This permits you to personalize your work and get the most use out of your new instrument.


The best hot wire foam cutter is a flexible instrument providing you control over the memory jobs. They supply you with the chance for exact customization and much more comfortable managing than scissors. Additionally, with the perfect tools such as those on our listing, you will be in a position to perform more creative jobs with much less effort.

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