Top 10 Best Mat Cutter Reviews in 2020

Every single artist and craft enthusiast requires the very best mat cutters. If you frequently create artwork, frame photographs, and craft bits, or cuts coupons and cards in the workplace, there’s just so much that you can perform using paper or scissors cutters.

Perhaps you have fought to find straight tight or cuts corners in a newspaper? It’s frustrating, but using a mat, you reduce accuracy and speed.

We have reviewed the ten finest mat cutters predicated on their cutting edge capability, security, dimensions, quality of the building, and also a price-to-quality ratio. Keep on studying and find out how to select a mat cutter that matches your cutting requirements.

Top 10 Best Mat Cutter Reviews

1Logan Graphics Compact Classic Versatile Portable Mat Cutter Model 301-1

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The Logan Graphics 301-1 Mat Cutter is hard enough to cut thick newspapers, long enough to cut newspapers around 2.5 ft, and compact enough to not take up your whole work table. It cuts wrap paper with the exact same precision it will thick newspapers.

Based on customers, this mat is perfect for home use because it is for expert use. You may use it to cut standard-sized photographs and custom shapes. The cutter is simple to use and highly mobile once you require a device you can take from the house to your own studio.

2Fiskars SureCut Portable Trimmer with Recycled Cutline

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Should you will need the ideal paper trimmer to your workplace, the Fiskat SureCut Portable Trimmer may fill that gap. Its rugged structure lengthens its effective life in a busy workplace.

Compact, lightweight trimmer is great for trimming photographs, coupons and office paper. Surecut cable cut-line permits you to efficiently align paper for clean, precise cuts. Titanium blade coating is three times tougher than steel and cuts around seven sheets at one time. Swingout arm goes measuring span to 14-1/4″. The mobile paper trimmer also comes with a precision-printed grid and scale.

3Fiskars Classic (45mm) Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter

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The Fiskars Classic Loop Rotary Cutter can quickly pass as the most effective rotary cutting mat cutter, because of its ergonomic structure and simplicity of use. It’s great for cutting layers of cloth, felt, vinyl, as well as newspapers. This makes it an ideal cutter for musicians, DIY crafts fans, and workplace usage.

Fiskars promote accomplishment and self-expression by focusing on a simple to use, advanced tools to make gardening, crafting, and cooking more enjoyable.

4Olfa Deluxe Rotary Cutter (60mm)

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The Olfa Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter cuts through various substances, such as paper, vinyl, upholstery, tarp, sensed, and fleece. It is useful in a workplace environment as it can at a framing studio. If you’re searching for portability, this really is a handheld device that fits in your luggage.

5WORKLION Small Paper Trimmer

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Should you want a professional paper cutter or a framing studio cutter, the WorkLion Portable Paper Trimmer may be the ideal option. It cuts tags, cards, photographs, cardstock, blossom, coupons, and craft project newspapers.

6OLFA Rotary Cutter RTY-2/G

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This Cutter was released by OLFA in 1979, and has changed the quilting and sewing market. The most popular size available, this cutter features a blade safety cover and handle is designed to decrease hand fatigue.

The cutter is a rolling razor blade used to cut fabrics, and other materials like paper, cardstock, cardboard, fleece, felt, wool, leather, suede and more, wall paper, upholstery to shapes, strips and pieces for sewing, quilting, mixed media, paper crafts and a host of other craft projects.

Accommodates both right and left handed users. Comes with 1 RB45 blade. Uses replacement blades RB45, and RB45H. Fantastic for general quilting, sewing, paper, mixed media and art, and other projects. Can also be used in industrial uses. OLFA Handles Are Guaranteed Forever.

7Dahle 558 Professional Rolling Trimmer

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The Dahle 558 is one of the most compact professional rolling trimmers out of Dahle. It comes in handy for office and framing studios which need to lower newspapers, pictures, vouchers, and titles. Its lightweight construction makes it portable and simple to use.

Consumers love you could select different cut lengths to get this picture mat as your need dictates. The 51 1/8-inch sander is your biggest and most versatile, but a few cut just around 14 inches.

8Logan LOG2000 Jn Mat Cutter Retractable Blade

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Should you want a professional newspaper, photographs, and card cutter for a reasonable price, you may think about that the Logan LOG2000 Jn Mat Cutter. It sports an expert construct, but even newbies and DIY craft fans in the home can still make use of it.

Based on customers, this is a perfect mat cutting edge kit for a house picture framing endeavor or for scrapbooking. It’s also perfect for workplace use, as a result of its precision and security.

9Logan 701-1 Straight Cutter Elite Straight Matboard and Foamboard Cutter

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The Logan 701-1 sports the most rugged structure among all the cutters on this listing. It cuts matboards and foamboards for home and professional DIY craft projects. In its sturdy build, the cutter remains compact and easy to carry.

Logan-Straight Cutter Elite. Perfect for cutting matboard, foamboard and other comparable substances! This 7×5-3/4×2 inch package comprises one straight cutter five blades and directions. Pull type 90-degree straight cutter has a comfy 3″(7.62cm) ergonomic handle. Features an adjustable thickness pivot cutting action. Three depth settings: security, single sheet, and 3/16″ (5 mm) for foam board. The Straight Cutter Elite is ready to be immediately added on to Logan Adapt-A-Rule, Logan Team System, Logan Compact, Logan Artist Elite, Logan Simplex Plus, Logan Simplex Classic and Logan Simplex Elite series. Includes five mat cutter replacement blades. Made in US

10CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer

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This makes it strong enough to cut to 36 sheets of newspaper at the same time. Although you will pay a little more with this rotary paper trimmer, it is ideal for professionals working in business offices and studios.

The trimmer provides smooth and clean cuts, based on customers. Both the trimmer and the replacement blades are affordably priced awarded their quality and features.

Why do you need a mat cutter?

The reply to this question will determine the right type of mat cutter for you. For starters, think about the amount of time you need to spend learning because the learning curve does not decrease with price. Again, you do not wish to break your lender to get a cutter you’ll only use to get a few DIY jobs in your home.

Mat cutters price between a meager $10 and a whopping $400. Because of this, you need to be careful while looking for mat cutting tools.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Mat Cutters

Guided Cutting

A pad knife, coupled together with guides, provides you perfect results each time. Guides are regular on paper trimmers, enabling you to cut correctly. If the device doesn’t have guides, then it ought to have a start-stop index to prevent overcuts and provide you more precision.

The Use

Should you require a mat cutter for office newspapers, coupons, and cards, a paper trimmer with guides will work the best. Should you have to cut upholstery, vinyl, leather, felt, fleece, newspapers, and a lot more, a rotary cutter with a massive wheel comes in handy.

Rotary mat cutters can also be great when you need to cut contours, pinked, and wavy edges. If you have to cut matboards and foamboard then choose a thick metallic mat plank.

Safety Features

Since nobody wants to wind up with injured palms, make certain you decide on a device with concealed blades or one in which the blade retracts after use. The security features shouldn’t undermine the efficacy of this device.


In the above reference record of Top 10 Best Mat Cutters of 2020, you may pick your most appropriate one for you. In case you have any doubts about this, then you are able to stop by the website and have a look at the Mat Cutters testimonials. There the buyers fully state their view of these items. Simply compare it and you can pick, which Mat Cutters match you the most.

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