Top 5 Best Military Flashlights (2020 Reviews & Buying Guide)

Formerly, tactical flashlights were built for use by the military, police and law enforcers. But due to the sophistication that they come with; other people got interested in these high quality and durable flashlights too. Such individuals include; mechanics, hunters, hikers and even fishermen. Military flashlights are strongly built to survive the rough terrains and harsh weather conditions experienced by the military or forces. In addition, these greatly designed flashlights have extra features for self defense among other purposes.

So, if you are searching for a great military flashlight, we are here to help you. Our review clearly guides you on the best features to find in a military flashlight and as well discusses about the top 5 best military flashlights you can find at the moment.

List of 5 Best Military Flashlights Reviews

1PHIXTON LED Tactical Flashlight High Lumens

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The Phixton tactical flashlight is an excellent flashlight that provides you with outstanding features. It comes with maximum 900 lumens which provide great brightness. Similarly, it has 5 light modes which enable the user to change or adjust light as per use. It is powered by the rechargeable 18650 batteries which run for a long time and are very efficient in use. With its quality construction from aluminum alloy, expect this flashlight to last long and withstand difficulties that you might come across. If you are a law enforcer, hunter or hiker, this is a very great flashlight for you.

Main Features:

  • 900 lumens
  • T6 LED technology
  • Heavy duty aluminum metal body
  • 5 light modes


  • Durably constructed to last long
  • Greatly built for better and easy usage
  • Very bright
  • Its water and shock resistant

2AuKvi Telescopic High Lumen Flashlight

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Aukvi flashlight is one of the brightest tactical flashlights in the market. This quality military flashlight is made with durable aluminum alloy that is waterproof and shock resistant. It is super bright with a maximum of 500 lumens and LED bulb. In addition, it comes with 5 operating modes that make using it to be fun and very efficient. It as well has an excellent beam range of up to 200 meters. When you buy this flashlight you are given 30 days money back guarantee and 6 months warranty.

Main Features:

  • 500 lumens
  • Adjustable focus
  • LED technology
  • 5 lighting modes
  • Aluminum alloy body


  • Has 5 operational modes to facilitate different functions
  • Durably constructed with the aluminum alloy
  • Lightweight to easily move with it in your hand or bag

3Elite Tactical Pro 300 Series Tactical Flashlight

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Elite brand of flashlight makes one of the best tactical flashlights. The Elite tactical professional 300 series is just one of the amazing products of this top brand. This flashlight is strongly built with high quality military grade aluminum material for durability. It is very bright as it produces a maximum of 1200 lumens and has a CREE LED bulb which is energy efficient. In case you function in a wet area, this flashlight is both water and shock resistant and thus you have nothing to worry about. In addition to these excellent features, it has a zoomable focus that enables you adjust the beam to your desired range.  Also, it is powered by a rechargeable battery which runs for long hours and is easy to maintain through recharging it. The manufacturer is fully confident of this product and that’s why they give a 30 day money back guarantee in case you are not contented with the flashlight.

Main Features:

  • 1200 lumens
  • CREE LED technology
  • Tough military grade aluminum body
  • Zoom focus


  • Highly durable with the quality construction
  • It is very bright
  • Its water resistant and sock-proof for longevity

4Reizarf LED Tactical Flashlight

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Reizarf is a strongly built military flashlight that comes with amazing features that will make your hunting expedition to be memorable. This wonderfully designed flashlight is one of the brightest in the market as it has a maximum of 1200 lumens. In addition, it has CREE XML T6 LED technology to increase brightness. For durability, you have nothing to worry about as it’s made from quality aircraft grade aluminum material which is resistant to corrosion and water. This outstanding flashlight is powered by either 3 AAA batteries or one rechargeable 18650 lithium ion battery. It as well comprises of 5 functional modes and an adjustable mode for better control of brightness. This is a good device for those who want to hunt, fish, cycle or camp.

Main Features:

  • 1200 lumens
  • CREE XML T6 LED chip
  • Aircraft grade aluminum body
  • 5 operational modes
  • Tail cap switch


  • Excellently built for durability
  • Very light and easy to travel with
  • Extremely bright and covers a wide area

5SeddyTech LED Tactical Flashlight Kit.Bright Nightlight

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The SeddyTech – UltraFire is an extremely bright flashlight with a maximum of 2000 lumens. As well, this flashlight operates with 5 different lighting modes that allow the user change in accordance to application.  This military flashlight is strongly made with a durable aircraft grade aluminum material that is skid proof and water resistant. The flashlight is powered by one AAA battery and comes with a charger. Also, it can be powered using 18650 lithium battery. The torch has a zoom design that enables you have a clear view. It is suitable for use by hunters, hikers and other outdoor activities.

Main Features:

  • 2000 lumens
  • 5 light modes
  • Waterproof design
  • CREE LED bulb


  • Its lightweight and easy to carry
  • Comes with 6 months warranty
  • Extremely durable with a heavy construction

What to Consider When Acquiring the Best Military Flashlight

Type of bulb

A bulb can determine how bright the flashlight will be. Types of bulbs commonly found in military flashlights are LED, and Xenon bulbs. LED is the commonly used flashlight because of its great brightness and energy efficiency. Consider buying a flashlight with LED bulbs.

Type of material

A military grade tactical flashlight should be strongly made to withstand the difficult environment that the police or military operate in. Aircraft grade aluminum is one of the commonly used materials to build these flashlights. Look for one with this material for durability.


The major purpose of a flashlight is to produce light. Hence, when obtaining a quality military flashlight make sure that it is not only strongly constructed but as well bright enough to fully lighten your target or spot.

Type of battery

The battery type of your flashlight will determine how long it is able to run. Lithium ion batteries are the best as they can be recharged and power the flashlight for longer hours.


Expect to spend more cash when you decide to acquire a military grade tactical flashlight. Observe the features that you need and set a price within your range to obtain the best flashlight.


The best military flashlight should consist of quality features beyond those of a flashlight. Most of the military flashlights are a bit pricey but can make a difference between life and death. The military flashlight should also act as a defensive weapon which can protect you in case an assailant attacks you. With this review, you can be guaranteed to make a great choice when selecting the best military flashlight for your needs.

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