Top 10 Best Oil Filter Wrenches (2020 Reviews & Buying Guide)

Just the men and women that want to know more about car repair understand the expression best oil filter wrench? Well if you’re a car enthusiast who takes interest in their automobile’s body components then you ought to be comfortable with this phrase.

Therefore, rather than replacing the oil filter wrench frequently, you need to invest in a good one first. But, we believe it isn’t really simple to locate the very best oil filter wrench one of tens of thousands of products on the industry at the moment.

There are not many universal oil filter wrenches because most oil filter removal tools are present in many sizes, forms, and shapes. With the vast array of oil filter wrenches on the market, it might be somewhat tricky to make the best option. That’s the reason we’ve assisted you to compile a record of a few of the very best and most flexible oil filter wrenches of 2020. Have a look at our testimonials below.

List of 10 Best Oil Filter Wrenches Reviews

1Motivx Tools Oil Filter Wrench for Toyota, Lexus, and Scion 2.0 To 5.7 Liter Engines

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Motivx Tools Oil Filter Wrench is quite durable and among the greatest oil filter removal tools in case you’ve got a Lexus, Scion, or even Toyota automobile. It’s constructed from the high-quality substance, is quite powerful, and last longer. It’s quite a user friendly and fits perfectly if combined with the oil blockers in Lexus, Scion, or Toyota vehicles.

Motivx Tools Oil Filter Wrench is a 64mm 14 flute wrench especially made to match all Toyota, Lexus, and Scion vehicles. It perfectly matches any car equipped with a 2.0L to 5.7L engine which uses Toyota’s kind of capsule oil filter program. The wrench has a large size that fits the oil filter system flawlessly.

Toyota’s kind of capsule oil filter program has a very tight oil filter caps which place intense strain on oil filter wrench. Because of this, Motivx Tools Oil Filter Wrench consists of high quality 6061 T5 aluminum, making the wrench very resistant and durable to crack unlike the more affordable cast aluminum or stamped steel variations. The substance will not even harm the oil filter.

This oil filter removal tool isn’t just durable but also has a superb finish. It’s a high quality black anodized finished coating, which prevents rust. This offers the wrench its own professional quality. More so the top layer of the wrench is laser-engraved using the Motivx Tools emblem to guarantee creativity.


  • Made out of high quality 6061 T5 aluminum.
  • The ideal oil filter removal tool to the Toyota, Lexus, and Scion vehicles.
  • Doesn’t corrode — includes a gorgeous black anodized finish.


  • It isn’t flexible.
  • Is more costly than many others.

2INNOVANT Oil Filter Wrench Removal Tool

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This oil-filter wrench tool is the best selection for eliminating spin-on kind oil filters. They possess the cylindrical canisters which make it effortless to grasp the oiliest of this oil filter whole lot. Employing a”claw” type way of grappling onto the acrylic filter, this wrench includes a ratchet driver and three targeted metal prongs.

To be able to generate the prongs clench the filter tougher, you need to move the motorist in an anti-clockwise movement with all the gears. The INNOVANT wrench is very helpful in restricted spaces, which can’t be achieved by strap or string type.


  • Clenches the oil filter closely, preventing slippage
  • It can easily be used to eliminate different size blockers
  • The reversible feature makes it an uncommon merchandise
  • Widely Used at an expert dealership setting


  • Could puncture filter, even in case you have not used it previously.

3Assenmacher Specialty Tools V 410 Oil Filter Housing Wrench for BMW and Volvo

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If you’re looking to find the very best oil filter wrench to your own Volvo and BMW, Assenmacher Specialty Tools is the best-suited alternative. The plan of the wrench is acceptable for BMW engines nicely, which equips the durable acrylic structure.

A huge plus of the item is that it’s an easy installation and a clear direction. Therefore, all you want to do is after the useful guides, and what’s for you. This item is the ideal oil filter wrench for the reason that it works flawlessly and super match the cap.

Anyway, a lot of people would fall in love with all the adjustability and non-slipping facet of this version. It will help create a safe grip for every time of working with the wrench. Plus it makes this wrench becomes the very best merchandise in our listing.


  • Durable aluminum protection
  • Appropriate for both Volvo and BMW motors
  • High adjustability
  • Non-slipping layout


  • Lack anodized layer

4A ABIGAIL Adjustable 3 Jaw Oil Filter Wrench Tool

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A ABIGAIL 3 Jaw Oil Filter Wrench is a three-legged wrench which closely grips the oil filter. Additionally, this item isn’t specific to a specific kind of vehicle. But exactly like the Motivx Tools Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench, it may only be utilized to eliminate the oil filter.

A ABIGAIL 3 Jaw Oil Filter Wrench consists of 45# carbon steel and has a shiny coating on its surface. The substance gets the wrench much more powerful compared to other wrenches. The coated coating also prevents corrosion and rust.

A ABIGAIL 3 Jaw Oil Filter Wrench is specially designed with three limbs, which capture the oil filter tightly — stronger grasp.

The oil filter wrench is flexible to operate on oil filters using diameters from 2-1/2 to 4 inches. The wrench also matches 1/2 and 3/8 inch square drive ratchets or 7/8 in. acrylic wrench in all sorts of vehicles. It’s among those worldwide oil filter removal applications.

The item is quite powerful and durable and will last for a lengthy time. As a result of its high hardness.


  • Clamp oil filters really closely
  • Highly Durable
  • Perfect for difficult-to-reach filters
  • Low Price


  • It can’t be used to tighten
  • Which might not readily work with a few vertically-aligned oil filters

5XtremepowerUS 2-1/2″ to 4″ Two Way 3 Leg Oil Filter Wrench

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This wrench out of XtremepowerUS has the ability to fit oil up filters into the 2-1/2″ to 4″ diameter. It’s 3 limbs which may be used for ardently clenching on filters, preventing slippage. It’s a comfortable grip that allows you to get oil filters in all kinds of engines.

It can match the majority of the normal oil filters available on the industry and will make it much easier to loosen twist and filters fresh ones. The most too tightened filters can not conquer this filter sander. It snacks and hooks onto some other filter such as a pit-bull!


  • Makes petroleum changes simpler
  • Fits filters around 2-1/2″ to 4″ diameter
  • May Be Used for installing new filters
  • Removes filters with no harm
  • Each arm includes gears


  • Hard to utilize

6KiWAV Oil Filter Cap Wrench for Harley-Davidson

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It’s the best oil filter wrench using the compact size and outstanding durability. Made of sturdy steel metal, it can readily withstand various weather conditions. It’s the exceptional features of this big cut out so it could easily clear the crank position sensor places.

Should you find it really hard to take care of challengeable oil filter caps, then you ought to pay attention to KiWAV Oil Filter Cap Wrench. This little item can help you start the oil filter limits immediately. And should you discover your filter isn’t fit fairly nicely, you can place a rag.

Additionally, there’s an accessible casing for protecting the wrench out of routine rotation and turning. And it’s simple to install and use. It’s possible to use a 3/8 inch drive socket wrench to install and remove the oil filter free of difficulty.


  • Simple to assemble and disassemble
  • Tough for scratching or ripping
  • Durable steel metal design
  • Compatible for many versions of Harley Davidson


  • Low compatibility

7DIFEN Universal Oil Change Filter Cap Wrench

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DIFEN Universal Oil Change Filter Cap Wrench differs in another wrench recorded above in it is a pair of wrench cup sockets. This item includes 14-piece collections of oil filter wrenches that operate on many vehicles produced from Japan or Europe. The product also fits well on Wix, Casite, and Hastings, filters. This item is the best for you in the event that you have more than 1 automobile or employment on various cars professionally and need different oil filter wrench dimensions.

This item isn’t a 1 size fits all. On the contrary, it contains 14 parts of wrench sets that match the maximum oil filters in most vehicles — you’d definitely get a size that is suitable for your automobile from the collection. It’s wise that you invest in this very best universal oil filter wrench collection.

This universal product is extremely resistant. It’s manufactured with heat-treated steel also has a black oxide finish, making it resistant to rust and rust.


  • Inexpensive
  • Offers multiple touch points to safely engage the filter casing cap for optimum removal force.


  • Might fit too loosely and slide on the oil filters

8Motivx Tools Small Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench

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The Motivx Tools adjustable oil filter wrench comes equipped with all the outstanding build quality and high-strength alloy for hooking onto any kind of filter. It’s designed to last and includes exceptional customer support and guarantee.

The jaws of the wrench have been made from solid nickel-plated 4130 chrome steel, that can be attached to some 3/8″ solid steel plate. The wrench does not boast the obsolete and flimsy .020″ spring located on other wrenches. It utilizes a .050″ catch spring that provides a universal fit. But like most of the wrenches of the fashion, you can’t use it on vinyl cartridge design housings.


  • Perfect for spin-off canister style oil filters
  • Jaws constructed from nickel-plated 4130 chrome steel


  • Can not be utilized on cartridge design housings

9Neiko 03421A Two Way Auto-Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench

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The majority of the users believe Neiko 03421A 2 Way Auto-Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench since the very best oil filter wrench for touching distinct corners. Together with the slick design, this item is the first option for narrow and tiny locations.

Though this wrench is little, it’s beneficial in falling under low locations. It’s compatible with filters from 2.5 to 4 inches of diameters. You’ll locate this thing busy in SUV and passenger oil filters.

Moreover, those who enjoy the simplicity of assembling and disassembling the oil filter wrench will fall in love with this instrument. It equips a conversion socket for implementing torque efficiently. This feature helps reduce sudden breaking or snapping.


  • Low-profile and flexible design
  • Smart 2-way arrangement
  • Compact size
  • Easy installation


  • Lack of driver ratchets

10Lisle 63250 Wide Range Filter Wrench

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Are you trying to find the ideal oil filter wrench in a little budget? If you’re, we wish to present Lisle 63250. And the main reason it turned into one of the greatest goods in 2019 is the broad range that may fit the hottest size filter.

In any case, it’s a steel jaw which has an unbelievable grip filter without slipping. You may easily alter the spring at each end. And also to stop abrupt detachment, you are able to bend the hook shape slightly to 90 degrees.

It may fit fairly well with all our Motorcraft fl80s, and additionally, it grips flawlessly. You may even use it to popping the filter loose along with a long reach extension free of trouble. The harder you flip, the tighter it grips.


  • 2 tooth-style pliers
  • Break-free filter
  • Spring-loaded jaw
  • Reasonable cost


  • Unusable for several dimensions

Buying Guides for Best Oil Filter Wrenches

Every auto owner should get an oil filter wrench inside their own garage so they can alter their filters by themselves. But, not each wrench is made equal, and that means you have to find one which will work for your requirements.

Oil filter sizes may differ broadly from car to car, so it is crucial that you receive a wrench that will work for your particular car. The general quality of the wrench is also quite important. Here is what to search for while looking for an oil filter wrench for your vehicle.

Filter Sizes

The most crucial consideration to check at while looking for an oil filter wrench is that the filter dimensions it’s compatible with. If you buy an oil filter wrench which is not the ideal dimension, it is likely to be basically unusable.

If you are not certain about the dimensions of your oil filter, consider your auto’s owner’s manual in case you’ve got several cars, you might choose to start looking for a wrench which operates with a variety of various filter sizes to make certain you could use the instrument on both the cars. You might even need to think about a universal oil filter wrench which could be adjusted to match any filter.

Wrench Size and Shape

The dimensions and form of this wrench you utilize is a fantastic index of how easy it’s going to be to utilize. A bigger wrench, particularly one with extended grips or handles, will provide you more control once you’re using the wrench.

A bigger wrench also means you won’t need to dig far into your auto’s nuts and bolts, which is significantly more convenient and can help you avoid making a mess. If you wish to have a fantastic idea of the way the wrench will work, hunt for videos of this product in action and see whether the procedure appears manageable.


A number of those oil filter wrenches are elastic, and various other wrenches arrive with a pair of attachment. Thus, the adjusted attachment is your ideal option for a particular vehicle with a particular size. And should you find the appropriate size, it is going to match perfectly.

Along with the adjustable oil filter wrench will offer a universal fit. So that you don’t have to be concerned about the dimensions. However, in our experience, it might be loose sometime since it doesn’t possess the very best fitting. In cases like this, you may use sandpaper or rag to wrap the filter for superior fitting.


One more thing that’s important to check at is the fabric of the wrench. The wrench ought to be produced from a durable material that could stand up to use and wear, and will not fold or bend. Many wrenches are manufactured with tough metallic substances, such as aluminum or steel.

Corrosion Resistant

Another characteristic that’s helpful to search for is if the wrench includes a rust-resistant finish. With time, metals may corrode or rust, especially if they’re saved in areas where they can get moist.

If you are maintaining your wrench in your vehicle or on your garage, then you do not need to be concerned about whether your wrench will rust. Start looking for an anodized coating or finish that will protect from this.


Obviously, you should pick a product with higher quality so it won’t break under high pressure. In case your wrench is broken, then you might not have the ability to receive your oil filter away, and you’ll need to pay more cash for a different item.

In addition, we have an advice for you: oil filter removal is a tricky business, so you need to choose the one with tooth-style jaws and wide contact area so that it could grip better and stop slipping. Additionally, you should choose the lightest oil filter rather than the lightweight and compact.


For the wrench to operate efficiently, there has to be a powerful grasp on the filter. If the wrench slips or does not offer enough pressure, you won’t have the ability to take out the filter. The wrench ought to tighten into the proper dimensions, but it should not be so tight it will puncture the oil filter. You might have to try the wrench in person to obtain a notion of how it’s likely to feel.


Among the reasons why you desire to have the very best oil filter wrench is to conserve time. Thus, using the wrench shouldn’t be complex. The wrench has to be quite simple to use. More so, it must take as little effort as possible to get rid of a water filter that is tight.

Tools Needed

You generally can not use an oil filter wrench alone — you may typically desire a conventional wrench or a different mechanical instrument to remove the oil filter out of the vehicle. When buying a brand new oil filter wrench, then learn what other tools are needed in order for one to utilize it and make certain you have them on your tool kit. Some oil filter wrenches include adapters, making them simpler to use with various kinds of tools.

There are many distinct kinds of oil filter wrenches on the market, and it could take some trial and error to determine which one will be most effective for your requirements. Some wrenches are far better for really big filters due to their power and torque, while some are somewhat more powerful for smaller wrenches.


Though this should not be the principal factor in making your decision, you may use it as a judge. Many highly-priced wrenches are of greater quality, provide added attributes, or come from an extremely respected manufacturer. Thus, it’s crucial to assess everything that accompanies these highly-priced wrenches to find out whether it’s something that you may want to put money into.


What is an Best Oil Filter Wrench?

Since the oil filter works to maintain the petroleum of hydraulic machines clean, it has collected with dirt and dust particles. Therefore, it’s extremely important to replace it frequently or at least wash it frequently.

That is where we want an oil filter wrench as the engine runs, it generates a great deal of warmth making all things connected with the engine really hot. If you attempt to get the filter with bare hands, then you may burn them. Therefore, using the best oil filter wrench makes your task simple for you.

How do I pick out the right size of wrench?

If you wish to be quite specific, you might find the wrench that’s constructed to the vehicle type and model. If not, a strap design wrench is flexible so that you can use it for a variety of sizes of acrylic filters.

If you’re interested in finding socket or cap type wrench, you will have to understand the precise dimensions and style of your oil filter only because they will need to fit perfectly within the filter.

In addition, in the event of spider wrenches, then you have to check whether the dimensions of the filter along with the wrench are similar and in the event, the jaws would have the capability to tightly grip the filter.

What is the correct way of using an oil filter wrench?

As we explained in the beginning how wrenches come in various styles and sizes. Many are customized to specific dimensions and shapes of oil filters. But, all of these have an identical basic working mechanism i.e. to grasp the filter lid and then unscrew it. But, following are a few easy steps Which You Can follow while using filter wrenches:

  • Park your vehicle to an even floor or push it up on the auto ramps.
  • Permit the motor to cool before functioning.
  • Safe the oil filter wrench on the lid of filter. When it is a cap wrench, then it is going to tighten onto the very top, if it is a strap design wrench, then you can fix the strap dimensions to closely fix it into the filter.
  • Switch in an anticlockwise direction to unscrew.


You may opt to eliminate your oil filter with no wrench but that might require more force and it might also be rather cluttered. Oil filter wrench is affordable and it makes more sense to purchase the sort of universal wrench that is relevant to a vast array of oil filter dimensions.

An oil filter wrench is also an affordable instrument, that will be needed to eliminate an oil filter. You could have the ability to eliminate your filter without even on but you’d take a critical quantity of force and it’ll most likely be quite cluttered too.

For that reason, it is sensible to buy an best oil filter wrench that can work with a huge array of filter sizes. All our recommendations are tremendously popular across the united states and encourage numerous filters.

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