Top 8 Best Pineapple Cutters (2020 Reviews & Buying Guide)

There are lots of who don’t enjoy eating it raw and like to use it as an ingredient to cook dishes. But, cutting against the pineapple is a headache for many because of the lack of any instrument. That’s where a pineapple cutter enters the scene. A pineapple cutter is designed to cut a pineapple with minimal effort.

Using the best pineapple cutter can help save you the stress. You may even enjoy the health benefits of eating fresh and organic pineapple. Using a pineapple cutter at your service, you may just slice those pineapples yourself. You must procure efficient pineapple corers, which will serve you better.

If you like pineapple and eat it regularly, of course, your life will be much more comfortable with one of those efficient appliances in your kitchen. These add real value for your food preparation and can save you time, money!

And, if you are thinking they are too pricey –just stop and think about just how much cash you spent pre-sliced pineapple through the year and then you will find one of these kitchen tools will become your best buddy fast!

List of 8 Best Pineapple Cutters

1Pineapple Corer Cutter Slicer Peeler

Pineapple Corer Cutter Slicer Peeler, GIPTIME Stainless Steel Pineapple Tools, Easy To Use and Clean, Dishwasher Safe, 8 Fruit Forks As Bonus

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All components of this fruit cutter arrive with the construction of stainless steel and substance.

The cutter is made up of a medium-sized stainless-steel blade. Thus, it’s possible just to wash and save the slicer in the kitchen drawer. The stainless-steel components can also be rust-resistant and dishwasher-safe.

The pineapple cutter lets you peel, slice, and core a whole pineapple all at once. The wedge that is detachable lets you cut the fruits into chunks. It’s possible to cut at precisely and uniformly-shaped pineapple rings.

2Pineapple Corer, [Upgraded, Reinforced, Thicker Blade] Newness Premium Pineapple Corer Remover

Pineapple Corer, [Upgraded, Reinforced, Thicker Blade] Newness Premium Pineapple Corer Remover

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Made of stainless steel of the maximum quality, this instrument makes for simple cleanup and doubles as pineapple corer cutter.

Made with an ergonomic handle and steel, you don’t need to contort body or your arms into any embarrassing position.

With minimal pressure, its thick blades are ready to cut using the fruit, forming neat pineapple rings.

3OXO 3108300 Good Grips Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer & Slicer,Silver/Black

OXO 3108300 Good Grips Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer & Slicer,Silver/Black

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This version does the occupation of coring, slicing, and measuring readily, with easy clean up also.

The depth measuring guarantees you will not ever reach the bottom of the pineapple, regardless of the size or form you’re working with.

Add in the grip feature, and you’ll feel like you’re a pineapple corer and slicer in no time.

This comes with quality assurance and is undoubtedly ideal for people who are looking!

4Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer Cutter Slicer Wedger Dicer Peeler Fruit Tool

Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer Cutter Slicer Wedger Dicer Peeler Fruit Tool

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A BPA-free ABS plastic grip accompanies this stainless steel pineapple cutter. Therefore, you can have a comfortable grip on the blade of the slicer.

This cutter will come with a medium-sized thick stainless-steel. Therefore, the blade is more resistant to rust and durable enough to last for ages.

Furthermore, the handle can be readily detachable. You can also slide off the uniformly-shaped pineapple rings after clipping.

What’s more, the slicer does not cause any damage to the shell of the pineapple. Thus, you can use the round serve and prepare fruit salads or smoothies. The blade’s coring teeth cut around the inside of the pineapple during coring.

5Tomorrow’s Kitchen Pineapple Corer Slicer – Stainless Steel Durable Non-toxic Dishwasher Safe

Tomorrow’s Kitchen Pineapple Corer Slicer – Stainless Steel Durable Non-toxic Dishwasher Safe

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This cutter is resistant to rust and lasts for ages. Also, the cutting style of this pineapple cutter permits you to slice the fruit chunks evenly.

Hence, no harm is promoted by the ergonomic blade to the casing of the pineapple. You can also use this cutter to prepare fruit salads or serve cocktails in the housing of their pineapples.

All parts of the cutter are dishwasher-safe. So, the cleanup and shop of the slicer are convenient and quite comfortable.

The on the handle helps you to slip the pineapple rings off.

6Pineapple Corer and Apple Corer – Pineapple Corer Slicer Peeler Stainless Steel

Pineapple Corer and Apple Corer - Pineapple Corer Slicer Peeler Stainless Steel

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This product is a pineapple cutter on your kitchen because it’s the ideal combination of a compact character, a user-friendly ratchet handle, plus a stainless steel blade.

With its sturdy steel blade, your performance is enhanced, and you may enjoy cutting and slicing your pineapple better.

This pineapple cutter will get your peeling and coring without risking the nutrients you should gain from the 25, done.

Storage may never be a problem. Because it does not require much space, you may store it anywhere. And with its user-friendly ratchet handle, you won’t have any issues handling it during usage.

7OXO 1127580 Good Grips Simple Pineapple Corer & Slicer,White

OXO 1127580 Good Grips Simple Pineapple Corer & Slicer,White

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Once you’ve cut off the top of your pineapple, this pineapple cutter will continue the significant work efficiently and quickly by coring, peeling, and slicing your pineapple.

That is, you don’t have to adjust your grip or twist now and then because the handle ensures rotation.

More so, the base of your fruit won’t be tampered with because of the measurement markers that are on the slicer that may be used to weigh the elevation of your pineapple. And with this, your shell won’t be wasted. If you want to, you may use it for a cocktail or fruit salad.

The knob also makes it easy to wash and, this pineapple corer is useful to utilize for pineapple of virtually all sizes.

8Vacu Vin 4-in-1 Pineapple Peeler, Corer, Slicer and Wedger Set of 3 (Small, Medium and Large) – White and Green

Vacu Vin 4-in-1 Pineapple Peeler, Corer, Slicer and Wedger Set of 3 (Small, Medium and Large) - White and Green

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This pineapple cutter is made to cut, slit, center, and peel your pineapple very quickly without wasting your own time.

Additionally, it’s a durable anti-slip handle that ensures you don’t lose your grip during usage.

They won’t slide off and, it all handles even if your hands are wet.

To include, it is made of a stainless steel blade that is of high quality. It won’t rust, and it is corrosion-free. And for several years, it will serve you efficiently with this.

This pineapple is simple to use and wash. It’s BPA free and dishwasher safe.

Buying Guides for Best Pineapple Cutters

Materials and Durability

You like us! Should you drop some cash on a pineapple cutter, then you’re probably going to want it to last at least a couple of decades, right? That’s why it’s essential to pay attention. The cutter ought to be made from stainless steel as pineapple is very hard and sew lesser materials quickly.

The Blade

The blade is the essential thing for a pineapple cutter. You’ll need so that you can cut through your fruit with very little force to be quite sharp.

You can not tell this just by looking at it, so check out reviews carefully to make the pineapple cutter you think is up to snuff.


Onto should be cozy and be large enough to allow you to have a fantastic grip on it. It is best if it is non-slip if you are going to be trimming on multiple pineapples.

Amount of Force Required

Most models do require you to use a bit of power to break through the hardened heart, in addition to the skin. The layout does matter, and some than many others need more effort.


Some devices do it: peel and core, slice, while others are more of a function unit. What you need depends on your demands, so have a look at the product which you’re considering to find out what’ll work well for you.


You should be able to locate what you’re searching for in the USD 10-20 range. Cheaper than that, and you’re getting into the plastic ones that aren’t that durable. With blades that operate and are also extremely durable, you are going to find a product In the higher end.

We recommend sticking with some of the more expensive options instead of going cheap since the item is not that pricey. Your expertise will be a lot better!

Customer Reviews

As with anything, it’s prudent to check out some reviews before dropping your cold, hard cash! We recommend having a peek at the 3-4 star reviews since they’ll give the best indication of the real pros and cons of a product.


There’s no need to avoid pineapple because cutting it is your nightmare. Go to get a pineapple cutter and comprise pineapple pieces on dishes and your fruit salads. There are various types of pineapple cutters accessible, and some of them are incredibly versatile, and you may put them. There are peeler, corer, slicer, and de-corers choose and available depending on your need.

Choosing the pineapple cutter could be a little bit hard because of the proliferation of pineapple corers. To add, you will also need to compare the purchase price, versatility, durability, and many other facets to be sure you’re making an option. Selecting the best pineapple cutter is not always an easy thing to do.

We would suggest you go to our top choice of pineapple cutter if you are experiencing a battle of determination. We made it our top pick, not because it’s the no one on the list. It’s actually because it’s all of the features a perfect pineapple corer should possess, and it functions excellently.

And if you believe you do not have sufficient money to spend on purchasing a pineapple cutter, why not go for our budget pick? It’s the most affordable of all our reviewed pineapple, and it useful. Make your choice and purchase a pineapple cutter to enjoy your pineapple better because you do not deserve all of the stress you’ve been putting up.

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