Top 10 Best Pizza Cutters (2020 Reviews & Buying Guide)

Anybody who makes their very own pizza at home needs that the best pizza cutter because, after all of the effort that you put into producing a delicious pizza, then you deserve an ideal pizza slice.

You could be surprised to understand that not all of pizza cutters are made equal. Different pizza cutters have various features which make them superior or inferior to others.

Here we will takl about the best pizza cutters such as the benefits, buyer’s guide and also the products which it is possible to purchase this season for your house. So, stay tuned and find the most useful information regarding pizza cutters.

Benefits of using a Pizza Cutter

The major reason to use a pizza cutter is to earn the pizza eatable by clipping it into the slices. But there are lots of benefits which make it a worthy purchase for all of the pizza lovers who love preparing the pizzas at home.

So, for the readers’ sake, we’re some of the worth noting benefits of using a cookie-cutter in your home instead of using the standard knife to slice your home-made, delicious pizza.

Proceed, and discover the pizza cutter is an essential matter to purchase for the home.

  1. Extremely easy to use
  2. Could be used to prepare the sandwiches along with other similar snacks
  3. Maintains the texture and feel of this pizza

So, if you’re intending to purchase an ideal way to present your pizzas into the guest, or wish to acquire an ideal restaurant-like feel at home, then you should invest in a fantastic excellent pizza cutter for your property.

Types Of Pizza Cutters

Before becoming specific and discussing the various features and distinct brands, let’s discuss the key types of pizza cutters. There are two chief types — one which features a rotating wheel and a single which features a very long blade.

To use the first one, you need to use pressure on the handle and transfer it via the pizza to cut it in slices. Roller pizza cutters are usually small and easy to use.

For the second you, all you need to do is to set the blade onto the pizza at a vertical position and then press. This one is much more versatile and you may use it for additional kitchen chores such as slicing desserts and other baked goods and chopping vegetables.

List of 10 Best Pizza Cutters Reviews

1Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel

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Kitchy is a contemporary pizza cutter that features a stainless steel wheel plus a detachable handle that covers half the wheel to get protection. The wheel is 5 inches in diameter, sharp, and equipped to slice pizza just fine as long as the pizza is not too thick, in which case it could haul the pizza toppings.

This is a sharp pizza cutter that gets the work done. It’s easy to use and dishwasher safe, which makes cleanup easy for those who have a dishwasher.

That the wheel is stainless steel makes this product lasting and ideal for routine use.

Small but sharp, this pizza cutter fits in the palm of the hands and takes up little space in your kitchen stall however, it has no problem slicing pizza.


  • Easy to use
  • Small
  • Modern design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Blade shield that shield your hands from cuts when using and storing


  • Cleaning takes time and effort compared to usual
  • Could be dangerous to use and wash

2KitchenAid Professional Pizza Wheel

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Here is the best wheel designed pizza cutter that takes you straight back to traditionally designed pizza cutters. This wheel design gives the item a streamlined design that is easy to grip or store in restricted spaces. Furthermore, this design is also easy to use.

KitchenAid KG113ER features a stainless steel blade that is quite durable. The substance is rust-resistant and sharp enough to provide you quite clean slices. Plus, the cuts in a manner it interferes with your own pizza toppings.

Among those things that you may enjoy about this particular pizza cutter is the fact that it comes in numerous colors and this gives you options to choose from. For this reason, you can make sure you will always spot a color that will suit your taste and fit your own kitchen décor.

You may also treasure the 5-inch manage of this pizza cutter to facilitate ease of use. The grip is ergonomic and features a shield to keep your fingers safe. Nonetheless, there is absolutely no protective sheath within the blade.


  • Soft grip to improve ease of use
  • Numerous color options to choose from
  • Sharp and durable blade
  • Has a hanging hole for easy storage when not in use


  • Requires a Great Deal of maintenance when cleaning
  • Somewhat expensive

3OXO 26681 Good Grips 4-Inch Pizza Wheel and Cutter

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Weighing 1.6 ounces, this rolling cutter is mostly made from sharp stainless steel blades using a diameter of 4 inches. This blade is non-rusting and cuts lean-to thick-crust pizzas effectively. Nevertheless, it incorporates a die-cast zinc principle comprising the Good Grips line for lasting and flexible grip upon tackling the cutter. Its handle is rubberized created for less tension and pressure absorbing usage.

The cutter is easy to use and dishwasher safe for wet and dry operations. As far as not everybody knows, the purchase price of this apparatus for storage is integrated into the bundle. The plastic cover is used to wrap across the blades as required to store the unit.

In general, it’s a sizable cutter fairly sturdy for long-term use. Blades based on some users may last up to 11 years of use. Nonetheless, the cutter doesn’t wobble and is easy to use. It’s versatile and may be used to reduce. The only thing perhaps that’s a drawback with this unit is its size and weight. The blades are rather big and heavyweight. However, apart from that, it’s a fantastic device and advocated for purchase.


  • Durably Made
  • Simple Cleaning
  • Easy to Use
  • Flexible Use


  • Heavyweight

4Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter Sharp Rocker Blade

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The checkered Chef pizza cutter has its own blade made from heavy-duty stainless steel.

This, along with the sharp edge of this blade, makes it possible that you receive eight slices of pizza four cuts and with hardly any work.

Also, the topping in your own pizza remains in place since the cutter slices through them without pushing them off the crust.

The pizza cutter comes with a protective sheath that covers the sharp blade.

This makes it safe and easy to store the cutter and also prevent accidents that could entail cutting your fingers.

Lastly, the construction features one solid piece of stainless steel, which makes no place for germs to hide.


  • Unbelievably sharp sword
  • Easy to maintain
  • Has great weight
  • Affordable Excellent


  • Protective cover slides off easily
  • The cutter is somewhat small

5Ateco 12 Wheel Stainless Steel Cutter

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If you’re a pizza seller or create pizzas at the industrial levels it is a must to help the buyers buy the item nicely in time. The easiest method is to catch a gadget that is swift in clipping edge and saves time whilst creating the properly sized pizza slices. This is possible only in the event that you catch the professional pizza cutter to your kitchen set.

The most suitable option has come up in the shape of this versatile and highly recommended Ateco’s 12-Wheel Stainless Steel Cutter. It is not just the pizza but also the cutting of cakes, cookies, and pastries which has become less time consuming this wonderful item. With twelve large steel wheels, it is actually a wonderful selection for several of the homes as well as the industrial makers.

The edges are created sharp enough to cut each slice. Together with the locking system inserted into this cutter, it becomes very easy to maintain the things undamaged. Ateco itself is a renowned name since the early twentieth century. It is notorious for making the best kitchen products. The pizza cutter with numerous wheels is a marvel in itself.


  • Ideal for professional work place
  • Easy to wash
  • High Excellent metal construction


  • Gets loose following sometime

6Winco PPC-4 811642000910 Winware Pizza Cutter

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The Winco pizza cutter has a conventional design along with a sword that is 4 inches in diameter. The simple design makes this product ideal for regular use.

The design of this pizza cutter makes for easy cleaning since there are not any parts that will need to be eliminated beforehand.

This Winco version has a sturdy grip and a comfy grip. It may slice pasta, lasagna, fudge, and other foods. The blade attaches using standard screws you can easily tighten if they get loose.


  • Easy to use
  • Cheap
  • Solid
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Doesn’t Have a blade cover
  • The blade not very sharp

7ThinkGeek Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

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ThinkGeek JUN111969 is rust free directly in the grip to the blade. The item is corrosion free in spite of being constantly exposed to water and atmosphere. This is credited to the stainless steel blade as well as the zinc metal chromium-plated body that it comes with.

You’ll also love the handle of this item which is user-friendly to increase ease of use. The deal gives you a comfy grip.

Moreover, the all-metal construction of this pizza cutter boosts its durability because it can’t break after being inadvertently dropped. Nonetheless, for such superior durability, then you may need to spend a bit more on the item.


  • Rust-resistant
  • Sharp blade
  • Superior durability
  • Ergonomic manage


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Somewhat heavy

8Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter

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With packaging dimensions of 24.2cm x 9.5cm x 2.4cm, this 187.2-gram pizza cutter is stainless steel finished with a durable 18/0 stainless steel roller wheel which may cut several crust sizes. It includes a wheel diameter of 3.5 inches in length. Nevertheless, the system includes a safety barrier situated atop the roller wheel to stop causing injuries and injury throughout the surgery.

The snowy polished 9-inch TPR created manage comes with an integrated thumb shield that induces a comfy and tightened grip. The unit is designed to resists any tarnishing, scratching, bending, damage, or discoloration. It is easy to wash, store, and washable.

Generally, the unit is very lightweight with caliber adequate for the price which you’ll be purchasing. It cuts pizza effectively, though somewhat shaky as it should be. It’s easy to use however not that instinctive for thick crust pizza cutter. It isn’t that sharp as additional superior pizza clipping devices. Nevertheless, it has large blades along with its dishwasher free which is quite sharp and sturdy. Handles are nicely made as necessary.


  • Easy to wash
  • Adaptive
  • Simple Operation


  • Small Inflexible Cutting

9Dreamfarm Scizza – Pizza Scissors

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For those people who are looking ahead to purchase some best pizza cutter, this pizza scissor may be a super trendy option amongst the similar products offered on the marketplace. The customer reviews have shown its value as the best cutter. For the invention lovers, it has that pizza lover in his or her armor. It is innovative, eye-catching, durable and stylish.

The piece is cut out completely so the things get very entertaining for the pizza manufacturer. Thus the time consumed is much lesser than that which we think about. For your style freaks, it comes at a multicolor choice. The red and dark colors can be chosen to choose the kitchen settings of any sort.


  • Perfect slice Very Quickly
  • Nonstick base
  • Can be used for serving overly
  • Heating resistant


  • Comparatively expensive
  • Complicated compared to pizza wheels

10Rösle Stainless Steel Round-Handle Pizza Cutter

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Rösle pizza cutter is your streamlined method of cutting on the pizza. The conventional shaped sharp blade apparatus can work beautifully when it comes to cutting off the pizza at the least time. The manufacturers have ensured the metal blades don’t corrode or rust after use. Maintaining the cutter isn’t a significant problem.

The beginners can manage it perfectly. It is an exceptional pizza wheel cutter. Each of the slicings is performed in such a swift and fast way that barely any moment is wasted in creating the properly sized slices. The cleanup does not require a while as well. Within minutes you’ll be able to eliminate the pizza traces which get stuck inside the cutter.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast cutting sharp sword


  • Comparatively expensive

Buying Guides for Best Pizza Cutters

While comes down to your personal taste, you will find things to consider that might help you choose the one which does most or all of everything you require it to perform.

You will find qualities and features that help identify a cutter which may be the better alternative for you personally, and they should be considered when deciding what to get.

Pizza cutters come in various shapes, sizes and materials however, their functions and advantage could be one of the leading considerations when choosing your next cutter.


The first and the most significant thing you will need to consider while purchasing a new pizza cutter for the house, is your size, be sure the cutter you’re purchasing perfectly suits the ordinary pizza size which you usually make in your home.

By choosing the smaller or bigger pizza cutter’s size you might wind up purchasing the useless product for your house. So, instead of choosing just any pizza cutter at the marketplace in line with the price tag, consider purchasing a perfect sized pizza cutter which may come extremely convenient to reduce the pizzas together with perfection.


When speaking about the deal, there are just two things that you would like to search for. The first one is sturdiness. You are going to be placing a great deal of force in your own pizza cutter. The last thing you need is it to split midway through cutting on your pizzas.

The second point to search for is relaxation. This is especially important when you are likely to find yourself cutting on a great deal of pizzas. You need something that’s likely to fit nicely in your hand, not give you calluses or even a sore hands.

Style and Durability

The style has more to do with relaxation than look. It’s a cutter that is made with hardly any spaces or gaps, which prevents food particles from getting trapped. This also helps minimize cleanup time.

A style that gives a sturdy rivet into the blade and manages area might be a handy choice. A pizza cutter that serves multiple purposes and lasts for an extended time period should be considered as a major competitor. One that is durable and sturdy in use would be the greater value.


One other important thing you must consider while purchasing the pizza cutter is to assess if the cutter is easy to use, or even. By choosing difficult to take care of pizza cutter will make it hard for you to find the things right while appreciating the pizza.

So, be sure the pizza cutter you’re planning to purchase has a good usability and can be easily cut through that pizza with no significant issues regarding efficacy.

Blade Material

There are a whole lot of special materials for pizza blades, however, for cash, you may never fail using a stainless steel blade. It’s going to stay sharp, it’s not likely to rust, it easy to wash, and it may take care of the force you may exert on it.

Comfort & Safety

A pizza cutter should be easy to grasp and comfortable in the hand. A deal with smooth, even ridges makes it a lot easier to grip and less bulky into the sense. Safety features to consider are restricted but some include blade covers or storage bags for safekeeping.

Ease to Clean

The last thing you need to do after cutting up a pizza to your own friends and family is to spend a lot of time trying to select cheese from a poorly designed pizza cutter. You are searching for one that’s easy to wash, preferably one which you can just throw in the dishwasher.


The pizza cutters are just one amongst the most essential things to get in-home, if you’re a pizza fan, or are seeking to receive an ideal way to slice the bread along with other things. So, instead of relying upon your own bread knife each time, try your hands on the pizza cutters which are efficient and better compared to bread cutting tools offered on the marketplace.

Discovering the best pizza cutter is just as important as finding the ideal ingredients for your pizza. A fantastic pizza cutter will ensure your guests get tidy, even slices every single moment. We expect our review was able to offer you a great idea about what to search for when purchasing a pizza cutter.

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