Top 10 Best Plasma Cutters (2020 Reviews & Buying Guide)

Plasma cutters are all nifty tools utilized in metalwork and associated jobs. A fantastic plasma system can help save you time using a greater duty cycle and not as clean up.

In comparison to other conventional ways of cutting-edge, the plasma system provides a cleaner and better cut in metal-to-metal practices. The self-acclaimed oxy-fuel cutters can not stand a chance when it comes to cutting since the plasma cuts are cleaner.

We have taken the time to compile a listing of the best plasma cutter to alleviate the anxiety of moving through the listing of tens of thousands of plasma cutters on the market. On this list, we expect we’ve done the difficult part for you and helped you limit your search.

What is a Plasma Cutter?

Plasma cutter is a tool that could cut through different kinds of electrically conductive substances, namely metals like aluminum, steel, aluminum, aluminum, and many others. It does so by developing a high-temperature, electric station of ionized gas, and this will be called plasma. There are various sorts of plasma cutters out of little, hand-held machines that are utilized by home amateurs to big, automatic CNC cutters utilized by several businesses.

What is a Plasma Cutter?

Plasma cutters are seen in all sizes and shapes. These days, it’s not unusual to come across substantial plasma cutters that operate through robotic arms so as to produce precise adjustments and cuts to quite streamlined, hand-held plasma cutters located in several handyman stores. Irrespective of how large or complex they are, all plasma cutters operate on precisely the exact same principle, and they’re all essentially constructed around precisely the exact same layout.

The word “plasma cutter” is really a broad term. These machines are made up of several individual elements. The plan and material-quality of every element factors into cost, with high-quality parts costing more. This doesn’t indicate that low-cost cutters are undesirable, particularly for amateurs and for example, but it will imply that high priced cutters will often have the ability to perform more heavy jobs compared to lower-priced ones and frequently include more features.

List of 10 Best Plasma Cutters Reviews

1. Lotos Non-Touch Pilot Arc CNC Enabled Plasma Cutter

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The purchase price of this product from Lotus is on the low side which does not allow it to fall short of excellent features. It’s an extremely capable machine that needs to be on your workshop, all due to exceptional features such as a maximum blank cut of 1/2″ and a constant arc.

For people who need something portable and serve you well, the LTP5000D Non-Touch Pilot Arc is a portable plasma cutter which includes a grip to allow you to take it around easily.

It may cut materials that range from aluminum, steel, copper, to stainless steel by taking advantage of non-hazardous and compressed air. For cutting through the roughest of substances, the pilot arc bit assistance produces a superb job.

It sports a PAPST German heating system which helps you to keep the machine cool, the instrument secure, and elongates the life span of this tool. Aside from that, the instrument also uses a MOSFET transistor which permits you to cut thick and thin alloys without any hassle and providing a fresh cut.

With this unit, you would not need to be concerned about an extra converter since it runs on voltages, 220V, and 110V that’s well adequate. The input of the tool is all about 20A and it is accompanied by an air hose, ground clamp, air hose, air purifier in addition to distinct air hose connections.


  • Lightweight at 26 lbs
  • Programs PAPST German cooling system to maintain the warmth moderated
  • Employs non-hazardous compressed air
  • Employs a MOSFET transistor to cut through the toughest stuff


  • Not durable

2. Hypertherm 088079 Powermax30 XP Building America Edition Hand Plasma System

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Quicker, simpler, and trustworthy cutting edge and gauging jobs at a lower price. It’s no more fantasy with Hypertherm 088079 Powermax 30 XP Building America Edition Hand Professional System. Whether the substance is thin or thick, the instrument offers high-power fine plus capacity-cut consumables to receive your job done.

Its capacity to offer a superior cut lets you cut any sort of metal like aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel or painted or rusted metal without having any volatile or pricey gasses.

The item has a dust cap that retains the users safe and comfortable. Whether your project is cutting precision components, building, producing or gouging, you can count on this instrument to supply you with an excellent cut.

The machine includes all you want to cut fast and easily. It is a durable, high-performing and flexible cutter. Its easy-to-use and user-friendly attributes make the tool great for the hobbyist in addition to the expert user.


  • FineCutĀ® tech
  • Longer lasting consumables
  • Straightforward one knob port
  • Includes carry case and carry strap


  • Ground clamp possibly a bit short

3. Forney Easy Weld 251 20 P Plasma Cutter

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The Forney Easy Weld 20 P comes with a compact and durable casing. The heavy-duty metal casing on the plasma makes it lasting. The first variable the designers set in mind when producing this item is portability and compactness. It weighs 21.1 lbs, which is lightweight enough to permit you to take it from 1 stage to another.

The same as the Lotos previously, it’s quite simple to prepare and use. There’s not any technical knowledge or skill needed to run with this plasma cutter. You don’t need to preheat the metal or perhaps fix gas pressure prior to using it.

The Forney is not a dual-voltage unit. On the contrary, it has only the 120V power input. Additionally, it does not possess a Pilot Arc layout. On the contrary, it features Drag Torch technology. This suggests that the suggestion of this plasma cutter must touch the metallic surface.

Regardless, it cuts through compounds readily. Metal surfaces 1/4″ and reduced are readily cut via this tool. But if the depth of the metallic surface surpasses 1/4″, then you may be better off with the powerful plasma cutters onto this listing.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Durable plasma cutter


  • Isn’t powerful

4. Hobart 500566 Airforce 40i Plasma Cutter 240V

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The Hobart 500566 is just another good pick for the repairperson who wishes to receive his job or job done quickly and efficiently. It’s full of features that make it a trustworthy machine to get around.

This plasma cutter can be lightweight at just 31 pounds, which makes it quite portable to deliver anywhere. You may choose it from 1 job website to another with no worries. Besides being lightweight, this plasma cutter is simple to set up, enabling us to correct its own amp rating on its own knob.

The Hobart 500566 can also be powerful it may cut 5/8 inches or sever cut 7/8 inches of metal. That said you can use it for various software either heavy or light software.

The Airforce 40i Plasma Cutter may also cut mild steel at 7/8 in a 50% duty cycle. And more on power, I discovered the cutter could cut faster than an oxy gas.

You’ll also observe that it’s one that comes with ergonomic trigger security, which makes the unit much stronger. Additionally, it has a durable XT40R torch consumable.


  • Light or heavy applications
  • Auto refire tech
  • Powerful air intake
  • Ergonomic activate security


  • Expensive

5. Hypertherm Powermax 65 Hand System

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The Hypertherm Powermax 65 comes in at a high-end cost point but considering that the capabilities of the tool, it’s really quite reasonably priced. Having a 200-400 Volt power source and clean nitrogen or oxygen, this system can handle pretty much any metal-cutting task you throw at it, such as demanding max metal elimination gouging work.

On the 65-amp setting, this cutter will undergo 1/2 inch stainless steel in 32 inches per minute. Running 240 Volts in the 65-amp setting, the duty cycle for this particular system is 50%, giving lots of run time in the heaviest usage conditions.

The Powermax 65 may be installed for a vast selection of applications such as X-Y table cutting, automatic and automatic cutting, pipe cutting, and much more. At exactly the exact same time, it may also make nice precision cuts when setting up with a suitable flashlight and hints.

Though this plasma cutter will be overkill for many non-professional users, we wanted to look at a higher-end machine to reveal the options. The principal advantage the 65 provides besides its ability to burst through a 1-inch steel plate seconds is adaptability. It provides a more lifetime for consumables and may take 7 distinct configurations of the flashlight, a number of which may be utilized in semi or automated applications.


  • Industrial-grade at a low cost
  • Versatile
  • Extremely powerful
  • Handles a Wide Selection of input


  • Weighs over 60 lbs
  • Asks a 200-Volt and power source

6. VIVOHOME Portable DC Inverter Plasma Cutter

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While purchasing a plasma cutter, the dimensions of the filler ought to be taken into account since this is something that needs you to proceed and it’s going to be a wise option to choose something using a lightweight but highly resourceful.

This instrument out of VIVOHOME is a lightweight tool that should assist you along with your cutting jobs and also make them less stressful for you. It’s a more compact framework which adds to its portability. It’s a handle that makes it effortless to transport around.

If you’re thinking about if the dimensions have an influence on the shipping this VIVIHOME tool may provide, then you need to not bother because it provides outstanding performance when cutting alloys. The 50Hz frequency is inverted to high frequency (frequency is over 100KHz) from MOSFET.

This instrument is acceptable for cutting different sorts of alloy materials with the support of its step down voltage and rectification present and inverter power source creates powerful DC welding current through PWM technology.


  • Lightweight and easy to transfer
  • A Superb atmosphere regulator
  • Works fast


  • Does not work well with thick stuff

7. Miller Electric 907529 Plasma Cutter

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If you are trying to find a plasma cutter that includes all, the range 375 might be the best selection for you. Having an XT30 flashlight, MVP plugs, a heavy-duty work clamp, an X-case, a shoulder strap in addition to a pair of consumables all contained within this package, there is not much else you will need.

Adding only 19lbc in weight, it is lightweight and has a remarkably compact design to meet any user that regularly needs to transfer it. Its dual voltage capabilities make it feasible to plug into many standard sockets of 120V or 240V using Auto-Line Technology and MVP adaptors.

Use the machine anyplace you want with its long electric cord and heavy-duty work clamp and 12-ft flexible cable. What’s more, its lengthy electric cable guarantees you could reach a socket without needing to use extension cords. This flexible and easy-to-use plasma cutter will make it possible for you to cut any conductive metals easily effortlessly in a brief time-frame.

This is an excellent tool for cutting mild steel around 3/8 inch thick. Moreover, the item comes with its own carry case, letting you transfer its tools readily and safely. Additionally, the situation has lots of room to hold all of your protective gear.


  • Fan on-demand
  • Has a consumables box with two electrodes
  • Shoulder strap and carry case
  • 10 feet power cord


  • None

8. PRIMEWELD Premium & Rugged 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter

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The PrimeWeld 50A is an inverter-based plasma. This variable is likely the reason it’s lightweight and super-portable. It is possible to take this plasma from site to site with tremendous simplicity.

Regardless of the small dimensions, it delivers excellent and powerful functionality. It can readily cut up metal surfaces to 1/2″ thickness. The cuts are precise and clean. There are various kinds of metal surfaces it may reduce. These include stainless steel, aluminum, metals, Aluminum, and a lot of other metallic surfaces.

As a dual-voltage device, it may use different power outlets. Especially, it runs 110V and 220V outputs. The MOSFET transistors generate high energy returns to assist it to cut thick alloy readily. Taking into consideration the price it comes in, it’s a remarkable piece of technology.

It’s safe to use and simple to establish. The PrimeWeld includes various components. These include an air filter, air hose connections, ground cable and clamp, couplers, along with a plasma cutting torch.


  • It comes at a low cost
  • It’s compact and portable
  • It provides decent performance
  • It’s a dual-voltage device


  • It is not as powerful as other plasma cutters

9. Ramsond CUT 50DX 50 Amp Digital Inverter Portable Air Plasma Cutter

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The Ramsond CUT 50DX is among the best around because of its supreme quality and performance. This portable plasma cutter is a superb tool that may offer us not just large technologies but also outstanding power to reduce a broad array of metal thicknesses.

The portable and higher frequency plasma cutter includes a cushioned and cushioned handle. Additionally, I liked that it’s a cooling system, preventing it from overheating during prolonged periods of usage.

Additionally, the Ramsond CUT 50DX can also be redesigned with inverter technology with V-MOSFETs and Pulse Width Modulation, permitting us to accomplish a concentrated and continuous current into the surface. That said, you can expect to complete your job simpler and quicker.

The plasma cutter uses compressed air, transmitting less heat to the surface an alloy, thus we do not need wrapping in any way. We do not also require any instrument to begin the cutting occupation.


  • Precise and continuous current
  • Ideal for novices and advanced users
  • Cuts distinct surfaces and metals
  • German-made cooling system
  • Inverter technology contained


  • Ragged cutting 1/2-inch

10. SUNCOO Plasma Cutter

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This plasma cutter cuts into a decent standard that’s adequate when it is working on 110 volts. Although, there’s not anything particular about the exact cuts it provides and the speed additionally is fine.

You will not be getting the maximum from your plasma cutter if you’re not running it on the level you need to, and also for you to receive the best out of the cutter from SUNCOO, then you want to run it in 220 volts.

With this type of amount backing it (220 volts), you will observe that this plasma cutter cutting pieces of metal which are three-quarters of an inch thick. A turn away for this item is the poor handle that includes it. To get something which is going to be cutting all types of metal, then you are going to want something more powerful than a strap.

Rather than a sturdy handle making it effortless to carry about and use, it utilizes straps as addresses and you’ll be needing additional caution when moving it about. But some users are able to deal with this.


  • Outstanding outcomes when on the Ideal voltage
  • It automatically adjusts to the voltage
  • Durable tool that will last for a Lengthy period


  • Employs a ring instead of a sturdy handle

How does a Plasma Cutter Work?

Plasma Cutters are kind of like metal cutting wizardry the first time you use a single. With recent advances in tech plasma cutters, the size of a dinner box may cut through exceptionally thick pieces of metal. The plasma cutting procedure is fairly genius in the way that it functions and we frequently get technician calls inquiring the exact science behind how they operate so we chose to split down it a easy as possible for anybody wondering.

A plasma cutter requires two chief components to make its amazing cutting power. First, you will need an electrical arc that’s passed via a flashlight lead. This may be out of a transformer or an inverter power supply. Inverter plasma cutters permit for a high-frequency arc pilot or start arc which could jump-start the plasma prior to leaping the gap in the torch tip to the surface.

Additionally, it means that you don’t have to scratch the flashlight tip onto the alloy and it might initiate an arc via mild rust and rust located on the alloy. An inverter is a lot smaller and lighter weight compared to a transformer that translates to the whole plasma cutter bundle.

The electric arc flows through a hint of the flashlight and matches with a compressed gas being pushed through a constricted orifice(s) from the swirl ring. This compressed gas may be oxygen, sulfur, argon, or the most frequently utilized; Compressed Air. If the high-pressure gas blends with the electric arc it superheats the gas in the order it becomes a plasma screen that’s moved to some electrically conductive function piece that’s linked to the plasma circuit from the floor clamp. This superheated plasma or gas jumps into the workpiece and burns off or cuts the alloy. The size of this clip will vary by how big suggestions on the flashlight as well as the angle or distance that the flashlight is held at.

The ability to cut through thicker metal is decided by the amperage that the plasma cutter is placed at. The greater the amps the heavier the cut that’s made. The”punch” to induce the plasma via the alloy is dependent largely on the strain of this gas being fed to the flashlight.

The electrode tip and nozzle would be both “consumables” which will have to be replaced occasionally. The frequency of replacement will change by how intense the job/cuts are, ability level, and temp rang you are cutting. Sometimes the swirl rings do have to be substituted, however very rarely when care is required when replacing consumables.

Plasma cutters may run from 110V or 220V depending on the version you use. Some inverter units enjoy our Versa-Cut 40 possess the capacity to feel that the input voltage and operate off with a wall socket adapter. Clearly the most output signal is reduced when operating on 110V compared to 220V on double voltage input machines.

Buying Guides for Best Plasma Cutters

Purchasing the best plasma cutter for the cost or one inside a greater price range, you want to take into account certain things to boost your odds of purchasing the ideal machine which can allow you to achieve your task simpler and quicker to get more time with your nearest and dearest and get more from life.

Plasma Cutters Buying Guides

Plasma Cutters Buying Guides

To assist you to get started from the selection procedure, check the following for what things to learn when comparing your options and purchasing the ideal plasma-cutting instrument for you.

Ideal Cut

The number one thing that you ought to take a look at when you select a plasma cutter is that the thickness of metal it cuts. You need to think about what depth of metal you are likely to be operating on the most often and search for a perfect cut in the depth.

Think about the depth of light metal which the machine can reduce at a speed of 10 inches per minute. The severance cut won’t produce as good results and you are better off simply using this maximum depth sometimes and where you do not mind dross. If you need quality cuts then you ought to examine the perfect cut.

Metal Thickness

With this variable, you need to think about the amp rating of the device you are eyeing in to make sure it can accommodate your requirements.

By way of instance, you may want a lower amperage plasma cutter in case you are more often than not coping with 1/4-inch alloy thickness and a higher amp rating for alloys using 1/2 inch thickness.

Now in the event that you have more funds to invest, you may want a greater amp range machine that may work more compatible with a broader array of thicknesses. Doing this, you can avoid low-quality cuts which will provide you a hassle.

To give you a sense, a decrease amp machine has an output of approximately 25 amps perfect for 1/4 inch steel thickness, and also a greater amp one having an output of 50 amps for 1/2 inch and 80 amps for 3/4 to 1 inch.


Always keep an eye out for the sturdiness of this item that you need to purchase. This isn’t confined to plasma cutters. Some plasma cutters are shown by consumers of a mishap after having for a month or two.

When buying always ensure the machine components are powerful enough to withstand the test of time. The moment you get your goods, check it out as far as possible to know whether it is going to quit functioning. If it does, get a refund or an exchange.

It had been found that some plasma breaks after the warranty are over. To be able to prevent being scammed, you ought to search for a plasma cutter having an adequate warranty program.

Cutting Speed

The cutting rate of the machine you are getting will need to do with how slow or fast you can cut metals and complete your work. If you are purchasing a plasma-cutting instrument for manufacturing cutting, you may want a machine that could accommodate about double the cutting edge depth you cope with all of the time.

As an example, you may want to decide on a 1/2-inch course or a 60-amp machine in case you’re looking for quick, long and higher quality cuts mostly 1/4-inch alloy.

Built-in Air Compressor

Most plasma cutters will probably ask that you use an extra air compress until you may cut with this. However, there are a few plasma cutters that have a construct in an air compressor. All these are a more expensive but more suitable alternative as though you’re out in the area you won’t require another air compressor with you. You do not have to hook up an air hose or whatever, you can just plug it in and begin cutting. All these are definitely something worth contemplating for not much additional cash.


Weight is always something to think about if purchasing gear since you do not wish to be carrying around a lot of heavy equipment. Fortunately, most plasma cutters are comparatively mild nowadays because of inverter technology.

If you are purchasing a plasma cutter using a built-in air compressor it may be slightly thicker, but this may still be a good deal more portable as you simply require the plasma and you are all set to go.

Protection and Safety

Most plasma cutters if not all, include some type of protection. The most popular kind of protection is that the overheating protection. So, get a system that’s fast to utilize, keep you secure and never endanger you in any manner.

The other sorts of protections comprise over-power protection, over-voltage protection, and auto-shutoff function. Notice the auto-off function isn’t always contained in plasma cutters which are cheap. In case you’ve got protective gloves, then you ought to begin on using your plasma!


Contrary to other cutting machines, plasma cutters could be expensive. There are a few plasma cutters that could cost more than a thousand bucks. Although, there are a few inexpensive plasma cutters on the marketplace that may cost under $400 bucks. Notice, if you purchase an inexpensive plasma cutter, you risk purchasing a low-quality instrument.

Product Warranty

When buying a plasma unit, you want to make certain the equipment includes a guarantee or warranty. How long is that it compared to other people at a comparable price range?


What is the best plasma cutter for you personally? As you can see, costs, power rates, and caliber run the gamut and it can be tough to understand how a cutter actually works until you receive it in the store.

For anybody except the committed small-materials hobbyist we recommend investing a bit more to acquire professional-grade power and construct endurance –it is much better to have additional capacity and not need it than to be underpowered when confronting heavy-gauge material.

We expect that our overview of some of the best house shop-grade plasma cutters in the marketplace makes it possible to discover the best cutter on their own work.

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