Top 5 Best Police Flashlights (2020 Reviews & Buying Guide)

One of the most challenging jobs on the planet is that of a police officer. This is because they’ve to go after criminals who sometimes are armed. If this is not enough, they also have to visit secluded or dark alleys in pursuit of bandits or burglars. Now you know why law enforcers always have with them the best flashlights. The flashlights that police officers or other law enforcers use are durably made, bright, run for longer hours and have additional accessories mostly for defense. Thus, a police flashlight isn’t merely a normal flashlight.

The good news is that these flashlights are not exclusively restricted to use by police but to the public too. If you’re tired of using low quality and unreliable flashlights, then you have found a solution by reading our review which will guide you on acquiring the best police flashlight. Such flashlights are durably made, a bit pricey and act as a protection weapon. The features below are what you should look for when selecting the best police flashlight.

List of 5 Best Police Flashlights Reviews in 2020

1EcoGear FX TK 120 LED Tactical Flashlight Kit

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This flashlight is wonderfully built with durable aircraft grade aluminum material. It has 5 light modes which include; low, medium, high, SOS and strobe mode for better performance. In addition, it has a zoom function to change the beam to your preferred distance. This flashlight is well designed with a strong grip for easy handling. Also, it is very bright with a maximum of 1200 lumens. The flashlight is powered by either 3 AAA batteries or 18650 batteries. When it comes to operating this flashlight, it’s very easy to use with soft touch on/off button.

Main Features:

  • Cree T6 LED bulb
  • 1200 lumens
  • Aircraft grade aluminum build
  • 5 different light modes
  • Zoom function


  • Outstandingly bright with a maximum of 1200 lumens
  • Greatly design for improved performance
  • Solidly made to withstand hardships

2VICPHIC 1000 Lumens Adjustable Focus Handheld Flashlight Torcht

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The VICPHIC is an outstanding flashlight with amazing features. This tactical flashlight is sturdily built with aluminum alloy to survive hard conditions. The grip is tight for easy handling. It has 5 different operating modes to facilitate different functions. Moreover, the flashlight has XML – T6 LED with 1000 lumens for great brightness. It is powered by one 18650 rechargeable battery and 3 AAA batteries. Other features include; a charger and skid proof design. This flashlight is suitable for outdoorsmen, policemen and also hikers.

Main Features:

  • XML-T6 LED bulb
  • 1000 lumens
  • 5 operating modes
  • Aluminum alloy body


  • Compactly design for great handling and simple use
  • Strongly constructed for longevity
  • Extremely bright
  • Lightweight for easy carry

3VIPERTEK VTS-195 – 53 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun

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This is the best flashlight for police officers or law enforcers. It is constructed with high quality aircraft grade aluminum material that is not only water resistant but corrosion resistant too. The flashlight comes with a strong grip that is easy to handle as you chase down a criminal. It is powered by rechargeable battery that is long lasting and runs for long hours. With a maximum of 250 lumens, this flashlight is extremely bright and has a strobe mode to blind the opponent. Other accessories that it comes with are; a strap, charger and free nylon case. Finally, it’s lightweight and easy to carry as you execute your duty.

Main Features:

  • LED bulb
  • 250 lumens
  • 3 light modes
  • Aircraft grade aluminum construction


  • Has an outstanding grip for better handling
  • Made from quality aircraft grade aluminum material
  • It’s really bright
  • Has three modes with the strobe mode for blinding enemy

4Odepro Tactical LED Flashlight

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The Odepro tactical flashlight is elegantly built for great efficiency. It is suitable for use by policemen, hunters and law enforcers. This flashlight is durably constructed with high quality military grade aluminum material to survive the tough conditions. It is also very bright with a maximum of 850 lumens. Furthermore, it’s perfectly designed for ease of use, handling and storage. Not to forget, it is powered by 18650 lithium-ion batteries that are durable and run for long hours. Other unique features include a clip, strap and tail cap switch. As well, it has a beveled edge that can break glass or hit a criminal in case of an attack.

Main Features:

  • CREE XM-L2 U4 LED bulb
  • Maximum 560 lumens
  • Aircraft grade aluminum body
  • Tail cap switch
  • Holding clip


  • Its durably constructed to last long
  • It is extremely bright
  • Has a nice grip for better handling
  • Has a clip for easy carry as you conduct your activities

5Smith & Wesson M&P MP 10 757 Lumen Flashlight

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Smith & Wesson is one of the top brands when it comes to the best tactical flashlights. It is excellently constructed with heavy duty aluminum body for longevity. It is also well designed for simple use and to give a strong grip to the user as they run or conduct other activities. It has two switch buttons. One is for normal operation while another for changing light type to; red, blue or green. This flashlight is bright enough with 20 lumens and 6 LEDs. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries and you receive lifetime warranty on purchase.

Main Features:

  • 6 white LED’s
  • 20 lumens
  • Aluminum body
  • Dual switch


  • Has a button to adjust to different lights which are green, red or blue.
  • It’s strongly constructed for durability
  • Has lifetime warranty
  • A nice grid for better handling

How to Choose the Best Police Flashlights

Level of Brightness

The work of the police is not that easy. Since they’ve to chase a criminal to extreme dark places like the woods, forest or dark alleys, they absolutely need a very bright flashlight. This will help them keep an eye on the runaway criminal.

Body Material

The environment and conditions that law enforcers operate in are a bit harsh. This is why police flashlight are rugged made to resistant adverse weather conditions or other tricky scenarios that they may come across. The best material that most of the manufacturers use is military grade aluminum alloy.

Battery Type

Another important feature to consider is the type of battery. Not all batteries will last long. Choose a police flashlight with long lasting and durable batteries. Rechargeable batteries like lithium ion batteries are greatly preferred.

Extra Accessories

Also, look at other features that will enable you survive the danger that you face. Chasing down a criminal is very risky as they maybe armed with a pistol or knife. That’s why police flashlights have extra accessories such as gun mount, pocket clips, lenses, strobe mode and filters for added security. The strobe can be used to blind the enemy, while a pocket clip allows the law enforcer to have the flashlight ready on their belt.


A police flashlight is one of the best flashlights an outdoorsman can have. It is well built, durable and has extra accessories to offer you protection when faced with danger. Though most of them are available at a high cost, they are a good investment to make when compared to the other cheap and less effective flashlights. This review has clearly explained some of the features to look at before buying a police flashlight. Hope you can now make a wise decision in getting the best police flashlight.

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