Top 7 Best Soap Cutter Reviews in 2020

The startup of an entrepreneur constantly starts with humble beginnings, however influential their lifestyle is. Nobody starts with countless bucks, even if they have it.

Entrepreneurs take the very first measure on account of their enthusiasm for a craft. Consequently, they begin with nothing, and making a tiny profit is a gradual process.

One such instance is the soapmakers, in particular those who create handmade soaps. Their customers, budget, even the tools as insignificant as a soap cutter they use, each and everything is limited except, perhaps, their hard work and passion to the craft.

Here we’re rightly discussing everything basic and important related to the best soap cutter for all the ardent soapmakers.

Top 7 Best Soap Cutter Reviews

1ESA Supplies Wooden Soap Loaf Cutter Mold and Soap Cutter

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The set comes with a wooden loaf cutter mold, a silicone mold, a wooden box that fits inside, and 2 stainless steel cutters.

If that was not enough, it is a flexible soap cutter, apt for producing varied sizes of soap bars. There is scale reading embossed in it, and the knob on the little wood bit can help to move it and make the necessary adjustments.

The silicone mold set from the wooden box is 28.3×9.3×8.4cm. So it is perfect for making a soap loaf approximately the exact same size.

2DD-life Pack of 2 Stainless Steel Wavy & Straight Soap Mold Loaf soap cutter

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If you presently possess a soap mold but aren’t happy with putting on your soap bars with frequent kitchen knives, then you want this two-piece pair of cutters.

Fantastic for cutting edge standard-sized handmade soap bars.
The cutters are sharp and also guarantee a secure grip. They’re durable, in addition to high quality. Cut cakes that are soft, company soap bars, and strong vegetables with an identical cutter with equal simplicity and also end.

Try to be imaginative with the 2 kinds of cutters. Thus, cut on your soaps using it and provide a different but striking pattern for it. The blades are excellent in preparing salads.

3Soap Cutting Tool Set Wooden Loaf Cutter

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The loaf mold is constructed from high-quality timber and has a slick finish for this. Along with the cutters are high-quality stainless steel, famous for cutting edge soap bars tidy and fast.

It’s not an easy soap cutter. There are just ten 1-inch slots from the mold for doing this. The knife matches those slots perfectly, and also you also get soap bars of 1-inch diameter per cut, so that also, with even end.

Both cutters aren’t similar. 1 cutter cuts a soap directly, and another cut it wavy. Thus, you may try unique textures on the soap you’ve created.

Thus, once you’re not creating soap, you may use it in order to piece what you cooked and baked. Essentially, you’re obtaining a multipurpose instrument.

4R.E.D. Soap Cutter

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In our view, this really is the top-rated soap product in regards to cutting numerous additives at the same go. With it, you are able to cut 11 soap bars from 1 soap loaf using one effort.

It’s made in the United States. Hence it being high-quality merchandise is a given.

The filler framework has 11 cutting cables fastened with cutting edge pressure bolts. The bolts have comfortable rubber caps. Overall, it is a gorgeous part of the soap products, quite wisely designed.

5DD-life 2 Pcs Stainless Steel Soap Cutter, Bench Scraper

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This is something which proves to be quite handy once you’ve got a soap mold. It’s a set of 2 stainless steel blades. The stainless steel is quite high quality and will remain sharp for quite a while.

Thus, when you want accurate measurement, then you may use the exact same instrument to measure and reduce the soap. This measuring manual will keep you exact on your every effort.

The handle is easy to clutch and also made from the exact same high-quality stainless steel. The entire blade consists of a single steel plate. There’s not anything additional that’s attached over the other. Such tools are far sturdier.

You’ve got two. Rather than working with the exact same blade when cutting candles, soap, and food things such as cake, sausage, and cheese, then use one for each objective.

6PH PandaHall Adjustable Wooden Soap Cutter

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PH PandaHall soap cutter is a place comprising a mold, a straight planer blade, and a wavy cutting blade. So, you can make both plain and wavy soaps with the exact same tool.

It is a wooden mold measuring 9.8″x4.7″x3.3″. The handle of these blades is wooden also. Both blades are stainless steel and are so sharp and high quality that when you cut a soap, you cut it smooth, tidy, at a single go.

The adjustment knob using all the scale reading on the base enables you to cut soap of varied dimensions. Not many soap cutters offer as many options in 1 set. So, this one is, without a doubt, a value pack.

To clean it afterward making soap, use warm water. Dry both the mold and blades simultaneously when you finish washing it. Doing this will increase its lifespan.

7RoseFlower Bamboo Soap Cutter Mold

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This one is very much like the wooden cheese cutter that’s available in the industry. That brings us to state you can take advantage of this soap to cut candles, pudding, cheese, pizza, and bread evenly. No need to worry considering the hygiene since the substances used to produce this multifunctional soap cutter are food quality.

This 15mm thick board is high-grade bamboo. So extremely durable. To cut the soap with a smooth end, it uses a Beveler Planer wire slicer.

The mold fits a 25×9.8x4cm soap loaf easily. Place the roll and follow the scale studying to cut it as thick as you want. The clear-to-read measurement ensures you are cutting same-sized soap bars each moment.

Holding the knob like thingy on the slicer while cutting on the soap is easy and satisfactory. The soap does not even stick to the surface. It has a non-stick surface.

How to Make a Soap Cutter?

To all, you DIY soapmakers, is not understanding to earn a soap cutter exciting? Cutting your soap with your soap cutter seems enticing. You’re also saving yourself by paying a minimum of 100 on a very simple soap cutter. When all it really does is cutting on a soap into pieces, spending 100 dollars on this tool does not look worthy.

Let’s guarantee you DIY-ing a detergent product is simpler than you believed. However, cuts your soap quickly and fine. The end result you get together with these DIY soap cutters is something far too professional and exact than anything you attempt performing to the soap opera, using a knife or scissor in the kitchen. Simply follow the procedure step-by-step.


So, you have a moderately long collection of cheap yet effective, the Best Soap Cutter. If you don’t want to try these, you have the purchasing guide to know the characteristics that you want to have.

Lastly, should you wish to have your own soap cutter, then you can have that following the simple steps we shared. Your soap cutter may not be the exact same as what we explained, but it will surely help you with the instructions.

We tried our best to cover everything that a soapmaker, a hobbyist might have to have in pursuing their passion. But it will only be worth it when you find it helpful. And we expect you will.

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