Top 5 Best Survival Flashlights (2020 Reviews & Buying Guide)

Just as its name suggests!! A survival flashlight can be all you need in case of an emergency. If you have been looking for the best survival flashlight, you are at the right place. Are you preparing to go on a hike, hunt, Camp or on a rescue mission? No matter your role, a survival flashlight should be constantly included on your survival list of items. The problem comes during choosing the best survival flashlight for your home or activity. With a lot of options to decide from, our review will assist you come up with the best survival flashlight.

Consider a flashlight that is easy to store, lightweight, durable and is very bright. We acknowledge that the best flashlights are somehow expensive. Begin by highlighting the flashlights within your budget. The features that we’ve discussed below and the top reviews will help you make a good decision after going through them.

List of 5 Best Survival Flashlights Reviews

1LifeLight LED Emergency Flashlight

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The Cynergy lifelight flashlight is one of the best survival flashlights due to its wide range of features. This flashlight is powered by a single built in lithium ion battery that is solar powered. It has an LED bulb to emit great brightness in the direction of your target or movement. As compact as it looks, this flashlight comes with extra features such as USB port, USB cell phone charger, window breaker, and a seatbelt cutter. All these features facilitate your various needs.  When you get lost and don’t know your location, this flashlight has a compass which you can use to get directions. Built with high grade materials for durability, you can simply use this flashlight to hunt, hike, or perform any other outdoor activity. With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, be assured to fully enjoy this awesome survival flashlight.

Key Features:

  • LED bulb
  • Built-in compass
  • Seat belt cutting knife
  • Safety window breaking hammer


  • It is easily recharged through solar power
  • It’s a high performing flashlight
  • Its waterproof to survive through wet conditions
  • Its compact for easy use and better handling

2Kootek Mini LED Flashlight Ultra Bright 300 Lumens

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Kootek is a sleek designed flashlight with outstanding features. It can as well be applied as an attack hammer and a tactical knife for defense purposes. The flashlight is strongly built with aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials which are very durable. For this reason, it is impact and water resistant at the same time. It also emits excellent brightness due to the quality CREE T6 LED bulb it has and a maximum of 800 lumens. Moreover, it has 3 brightness levels that enable you change light with regard to use. Last but not least, this survival flashlight is powered by one 18650 rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Key Features:

  • XM-L T6 CREE LED bulb
  • 3 light modes
  • 800 lumens
  • Aluminum alloy and stainless steel body
  • Glass lens


  • Can be used as a defense weapon
  • It’s very durable with the sturdy construction
  • It’s very bright with 800 lumens
  • Great design for great performance

3Futuresky Tactical Flashlight Survival

Futuresky Tactical Flashlight Survival Rescue Self Defense ...

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Futuresky flashlight comes with both features of a flashlight and for defense reasons. This is one of the best survival flashlights due to the wonderful features that accompany it. The flashlight is made of aerial aluminum alloy which is very durable and strong. It is powered by two 18650 lithium ion battery which runs for long hours before being recharged. Furthermore, this flashlight can be used as a survival knife and hammer. It has great brightness as a result of the quality LED bulb and maximum 250 lumens it contains. It is user friendly and comes with a charger for recharging it. It is ideal for hunting, travel or hiking

Key Features:

  • LED bulb
  • Maximum of 250 lumens
  • Aerial aluminum alloy


  • A great defensive survival flashlight
  • Very durable with the heavy duty construction
  • Very bright with 250 lumens

4Hybrid Light LLC Solar Flashlight

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These are available in a pack of two. They use super bright 1 watt 2X LED bulb to excellently brighten your area. They also have the capability to withstand adverse temperatures as they are extremely durable and not affected by change of temperature. After fully charging, the hybrid solar powered flashlight can last for 3 years without being recharged.

Key Features:

  • 2X super bright 1 Watt LED bulb
  • Sturdily constructed
  • 100% waterproof


  • Can be easily charged with solar energy
  • Runs for many years before its recharged
  • Its super bright with LED bulb

5Comunite CM-01 Tactical Flashlight

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Comunite is a wonderfully designed survival flashlight to perform better. It constructed using aluminum alloy material for longevity. It functions on CREE XML T6 LED technology with maximum 1200 lumens that makes it to be extremely bright. Furthermore, it performs on 5 switch modes which include; low, high, mid, strobe and SOS modes. The high quality survival device has a full lifespan of more than 100, 000 hours to serve you. It is super bright with a blinding effect and powered by either 18650 lithium ion battery or 3 AAA batteries. For your hike or camping purposes, get this flashlight to have a memorable trip.

Key Features:

  • CREE XML-T6 LED bulb
  • Maximum of 900 lumens
  • Aluminum alloy body
  • Adjustable focus
  • 5 switch modes


  • It’s very durable
  • Its super bright with a maximum of 900 lumens
  • Its rugged in design and long lasting
  • It’s very easy to operate
  • Can be zoomed to gain a desired beam

What to Look for in the Best Survival Flashlight


Don’t be easily attracted to the brightest flashlights. Some people think that the brightest flashlights are the best. This is very wrong. Look for a flashlight that is very bright but also comes with other great features for better performance.

Battery Type

Depending on the purpose of your survival flashlight, be it hunting or just lighting at home, this will enormously change how you perceive the flashlight. A hunter needs a flashlight that will keep them throughout the whole hunt. When it comes to domestic use, a flashlight can be used to look for a coin under your bed or search for something in the garage. So, for a greater run time, you need a rechargeable battery which is more efficient and lasts long.


We live in a world full of emergencies. Thus, having a flashlight everywhere you go can save you big time. A survival flashlight should be light so that you can easily travel with it everywhere you go to.


Size is also a matter. A small and portable flashlight is easy to use and store while a big flashlight is heavy and not ideal to carry around. Get a compact flashlight for better and easy use.


You require a survival flashlight that can withstand falling in a water basin for several minutes without spoiling.


Now that you’ve read our best survival flashlight review, you can go ahead and buy a survival flashlight that meets your demands. Since you don’t know when an emergency might occur, you need to get a flashlight that you can easily carry as your EDC item. Identify the outstanding features that suit your needs. But if you want the best, you can as well pay more to get a better survival flashlight.

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